Take-Home Bonus Program

Imagine a top-rated keynote presentation where the motivation, energy, and learning continues long after the standing ovation subsides. Imagine a program where the provided resources make it easy to immediately implement what was learned and impacts business results theoretically forever. 


Take Sam and His Resources Back to Your Office


You've experienced it before. You attend a conference featuring an exceptional speaker. Yet afterwards, very little, if anything, changes in your business and bottom-line.


NOW... imagine experiencing a motivating, entertaining, high-content speaker who provides learning and tools that you can take back to your office and use every day. Forever.

Introducing the Take-Home Bonus Program

When you hire Sam Richter to speak, your attendees can virtually take Sam back home to their office!


The Take-Home Bonus Program includes...

  • An in-person or live virtual custom program 

  • A custom Bonus Site with 24/7/364 access to:

    • An HD recording of your custom program

    • Custom Intel Engine - full enterprise access

    • Reference Guides and eBooks

    • Ongoing Engine training

Plus we offer flexible pricing options, including monthly​.

Take-Home Bonus Program Components and Pricing

The Take-Home Bonus program ensures the learning and implementation continues long after the applause ends. Your attendees have never received this much value from an in-person or virtual program that makes an immediate impact in their business success. Guaranteed.

Get started now with a Take-Home Bonus Program:


1: CUSTOM Pricing Options

The Take-Home Bonus Program can be integrated into your existing speaker budget - hire Sam and your attendees can get it all! For companies without a speaker budget, we have flexible monthly options with no long-term commitments. Contact us to learn more.

2: CUSTOM Live Presentation

Your Program starts with a motivating, entertaining, high-energy, visually immersive in-person or live virtual keynote presentation or workshop using your real-world prospects and clients - or if appropriate, people in the room - as examples. 


3: CUSTOM Bonus Site

Your attendees will have 24/7/365 access to a custom Bonus Site which includes: 

  • An HD recording of your program

  • Downloadable Intel Guides 

  • Your custom Intel Engine

Check out a Sample Bonus Site.

4: CUSTOM Intel Engine

All attendees receive unlimited access to a custom Intel Engine. Think of an Intel Engine as a specially-built search application that finds the online information specific to your targets and decision makers. Give a custom Engine a try on the Sample Bonus site.


5: Intel Reference Guide

The Business and Sales Intel Reference Guide is an updated step-by-step instruction manual to help attendees implement Sales Intel search techniques. The Guide is the "notes" for Sam's programs. All attendees can download and print the Guide at any time. 

6: ONGOING Engine Training

While the Intel Engine is intuitive and easy-to-use, it's also power-packed with features. As part of the Take-Home Bonus Program, Sam will deliver Intel Engine training to your team, anytime you need it, months or even years after your initial live presentation.


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