Sales Intel  Search Engine

Find The Right Person, At the Right Time, With the Right Message. Right Now.

To win in sales, you must do your homework. Yet you most likely waste hours searching Google and social media. STOP IT! 

  • Cut your information gathering time from minutes to seconds.

  • Find the right decision maker, at a time when he/she is interested in hearing your message.

  • Discover new opportunities, and ensure relevant value in every call.


We've partnered with Sam Richter to bring you the Sales Intel Engine - a powerful search engine overlay designed for anyone looking to grow a business. With the Intel Engine, you will save 50+ hours per year and with that added time, increase your revenue at least 20%. Guaranteed.

Get back to doing what you love - calling on real prospects and winning more business. 

*High Value, Risk Free Membership
You only pay if you're receiving tremendous value. We only offer a monthly program. You can cancel at anytime with no commitments.

The Intel Engine Will Help You Find...

  • Company and People News. Prior to any sales call or meeting, quickly learn what's going on inside a company. Access recent news, press releases, social posts, and more.

  • Company Information. How big is a company? What's their core offerings? Who are their investors? What do employees and customers think? Is the company looking to hire? 

  • Sales Trigger Events. What change is going on that might make a prospect interested in receiving your call? Discover executive hires, promotions, retirements, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, stock sales, venture capital funding, loans, government contracts, and more.

  • Advanced People Search. Search hundreds of millions of executives by name, company, job title, location, job responsibility, skills/talents, a person's interests, or any combination of the above. Access the individual's profile/biography even if you're not connected at any level. 

  • Email Finder. Discover the naming convention of how a company does its email addresses, so you can guess anyone else's email at the company. Even download the source file.

  • Industry and Company Directories. Instantly access searchable and downloadable member directories, employee directories, Chamber of Commerce directories, and other member lists.

  • Events and Lists. Find out about upcoming events. Access and even download past-event attendee lists. 

  • Reports, White Papers, Proposals. Download research reports, articles, white papers, and even proposals and presentations.

  • Competitive Information. Find price lists, distributor data, budgets and timelines, templates, and competitive company information.

  • Intel Reference Guide. Download the latest version of the Know More Reference Guide - the instruction manual for Sales Intelligence Searches and accessing the Invisible Web.

You could spend minutes or even hours crafting complex algorithmic queries into search engines hoping that something valuable appears. could use the Intel Engine and in seconds find the information you need to find new leads, and win more deals. 

Sales Intel Image - Trigges and People Search

*High Value, Risk Free Membership
You only pay if you're receiving tremendous value. We only offer a monthly program. You can cancel at anytime with no commitments.

IMPORTANT:  The Intel Search Engine will ONLY work in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers.

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