Intel  Engine for Speakers

Intel Engine Editions:

The Intel You Need to Grow Your Speaking Business

  • How do I find conferences where I can speak, and organizations that pay speakers? 

  • How do I locate association contact information, meeting planners, and bureau agents interested in my topic?

  • How do I learn more about a prospect so my sales calls are relevant to what they care about?

  • How do I customize my presentation so it's relevant to every person in the audience?

  • I waste so much time on Google and social media trying to find opportunities and leads. How can I instead spend my time on what I love to do?


Does this sound like your sales life?


As a professional speaker, you don't have time to waste. That's why we created the Sales Intel Search Engine - Speaker Edition. 

*High Value, Risk Free Membership
You only pay if you're receiving tremendous value. We only offer a monthly program. You can cancel at anytime with no commitments.

The Intel Engine is not a fancy database. Rather, it's a "search engine overlay" meaning everything the Engine delivers you could find doing a traditional search - if you had minutes (or even hours) to conduct each search and if you knew fancy Boolean mathematical syntax.


Instead the Intel Engine builds the algorithms in the background meaning you just type in a word or two and the system automatically finds exactly what you need in just seconds!

The Intel Engine Will Help You...

  • Find conferences that hire speakers, in any industry and geography.

  • Access association contact information, for practically any organization in the world.

  • Find meeting planners, bureau reps, and executives in any industry, any where.

  • Identify organizational change meaning they might be ready for your message.

  • Access Call for Speakers and find out who needs you for an upcoming conference.

  • Locate member directories and discover new decision makers.

  • Find contact information on your prospects, including email address naming conventions.

  • Research other speakers and learn where they got paid to speak.

  • Discover marketing opportunities blogs and podcasts that want your message.

  • Locate reporters who might need your expertise for an upcoming story.

  • Get prospect/client news so you're relevant in sales call and presentations.

  • Access company details, financials, employee reviews, court cases and more.

  • Find industry data, trends, research reports, others' presentations, and more.

For Professional Speakers, the Intel Engine is a GAME CHANGER. Guaranteed!

*High Value, Risk Free Membership
You only pay if you're receiving tremendous value. We offer a 30-day full money back guarantee and you can cancel at anytime.

IMPORTANT:  The Intel Search Engine will ONLY work in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers.

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