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Sam Richter Sales Success Book

Unlike Any Book You've Ever Read

There are thousands of sales books that teach you how to sell. There are hundreds of books that teach you how to find information. This is the only best-selling book that teaches how to quickly locate information online and how to apply it to find new opportunities, strengthen relationships, close more deals, and win more business.


In Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling you'll discover online search secrets, tips, tricks, and tools you can use to find information to make a big-time impression with any prospect, and improve your relationships (and margins) with existing clients. 

Get the eBook in PDF for easy download and reading on any device. Buy from Digital River / SWReg


Be interesting. More important, be interested.


​Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling is the first sales book that teaches how to use online resources to find information BEFORE the sales call, and how to apply that information to ensure immediate and ongoing relevancy. With information, you're able to ask very pointed questions, leading towards a superb first impression, deeper more meaningful discussion, relevant pitches, and ultimately, a long-term relationship.


Show the other person that you are genuinely interested in their success.







In the best-selling and award-winning Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling, you'll get step-by-step instructions and real-life examples. You'll learn...


  • Inside secrets for locating critical online business information.

  • Search engine tips and tricks - get it right the first time.

  • Google search secrets - it's scary what you can find.

  • Ways to use social media as intelligence agents.

  • The "Invisible Web" - sites that are hidden from search engines.

  • How to access super expensive subscription databases for FREE.

  • How to locate FREE sales lead lists, membership lists, and lead sources.

  • People search secrets - find out what prospects and clients care about.

  • Company information - what are your prospects' and clients' objectives.

  • Industry trends and issues so you can craft highly relevant proposals.

  • The theory of the "Fourth R" and value-based warm call selling.

  • How to massively increase your credibility with prospects and clients.

  • How to use the "CRMT" and expert "Warm Call Scripts."

Full money back guarantee. If you don't find exceptional value from Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling just let us know and we'll give you your money back.

Get the eBook in PDF for easy download and reading on any device. Buy from Digital River / SWReg

Book Reviews

Don't take our word for it. 
Look what others are saying about Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling.

"The must-have resource to win new business and provide exceptional client value."
Harvey Mackay  
New York Times #1 Bestselling Author - Swim With the Sharks


"A good salesperson does research on companies; a great salesperson does research on people and the things they care about. Anyone can look at a company's Web site. What Sam teaches is the secrets on how to find inside information and then how to apply it to impress any person, any time."
Keith Ferrazzi, Founder & CEO
Ferrazzi Greenlight
Bestselling Author, Never Eat Alone

"Our sales team nationally read Sam Richter’s Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling because it delivers critical advice for winning more business as we face heightened competition and ever-demanding clients. Sam's ideas are real and actionable."
Bob Silvy
VP – Corporate Marketing
American City Business Journals

"The most powerful prospect list is the one you build yourself. Sam has created a dynamic reference tool for all sales people to research and cross-reference and compile their own qualified list of contacts. He has done the heavy lifting and made it easy for the rest of us to click a few keys and find just what we are looking for. My copy rests on the corner of my desk with pages flagged for quick reference while his handy dandy tool bar is installed on my internet page for even quicker results. It is scary how easy it is to gather info when you know where to look. This book is a must have for serious prospecting."
Connie Guelich, President
Guelich Capital Management LLC

"Sam Richter has done the heavy lifting for all of us who depend on new customers to grow our business. He offers a very rigorous, but easy-to-use book on the information science behind successful selling. Read it before your competitors do."
Pat Fallon, Chairman of Fallon Worldwide

Co-author of Juicing the Orange, How to Turn Creativity into a Powerful Business Advantage

"Want to heat up your sales and your business? This book will do that for you...and more. If you follow Sam's plan, you're almost guaranteed to get results."
Rieva Lesonsky, Editorial Director
Entrepreneur Magazine

"The number one thing buyers dislike about salespeople is their lack of preparation. Take The Cold Out of Cold Calling is a manifesto for salespeople who want to connect rather than merely contact prospects. It is amazingly thorough. You'll have an unfair advantage over your competitors as soon as you start applying this powerful information. Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling grabs you by the fingers and shows you why and how to search the Internet quickly. Sam tells you how to access incredible amounts of information about prospects or customers in just minutes. Then (and this is the brilliant part) Sam guides you through a step-by-step process for converting this information into a powerful approach to prospects and customers. You will never talk to a stranger again. You will know everyone you call and they will know you want to add value."
Chris Lytle, Author
The Accidental Salesperson

"Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling is a great book with practical advice to make anyone comfortable pitching their products and services to any organization. Sam really demystifies the selling process and he's laid out a simple plan to make every sales call a success."
Sabrina Parsons, CEO
Palo Alto Software
Award-Winning and Best-Selling Business Plan Pro and Marketing Plan Pro

"I'd put Sam in the top ten, worldwide, of people who "get" how to create genuinely value-based business relationships. His incredibly rich background and quick wit make him one of the finest business advisors I know. Sam is all about substance. The concept of practical self-education about prospects (and clients) is a must for anyone who wants to grow their revenue… including any professional. The book is rock solid, fun to read and worth far more than the minutes and the money you need to put into it. I intend to share it with every one of my clients—and know they'll all profit from Sam's wise work."
Betsy Buckley
President and Chief Rainmaker
WHAT MATTERS, Using EveryDayRain™

"Sam has de-mystified the process of acquiring and interpreting knowledge on customers. This is a profoundly practical, pragmatic, and accessible book that cuts through the complexity and offers immediate  and powerful value."
Philip R. Styrlund, President
The Summit Group

"Rules for Cold Calling Success:
Rule #1: Do your homework. Research your prospect so that you will be credible and so your conversation is to the point.
Rule #2: Then (and only then) call your prospect.
Rule #3: Research just got easier. Buy Sam Richter's book, Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling. I was amazed at the amount of information that is available online and how easy it is to access it all."
Wendy Weiss
The Queen of Cold Calling and author of Cold Calling for Women

"A key to sales success is timing - when opportunity meets preparation. Fate favors the well prepared and Sam teaches you how to leverage the Internet to search for ‘Trigger Events' and be better prepared for calls to highly motivated decision makers who recently experienced a such an event. If you are looking to get one-step ahead of your competition then Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling is the competitive edge you are looking for."
Craig Elias, Creator of Trigger-Based Selling™
Chief Catalyst, SHiFT Selling, Inc.

"To succeed as an entrepreneur or executive in today's global environment, you need to sell: yourself, your product or your services. To sell you need to prepare. To prepare you need to get the right information. To get the right information, you need Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling . Read it and keep it handy for all your preparation. The bigger the Web gets, the more you will need this book. Keep it with you at all times."
Dileep Rao, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, University of Minnesota
Venture Development Consultant, InterFinance Corp.

"In this book, Sam Richter explains why information about your prospect has become more important than mastery of the greatest sales skills. He then teaches you how to find that information, incorporate it with your market strategy and sales skills, and achieve sales excellence. If you're serious about being a successful 21st century sales professional, you must read this book."
Jim Blasingame
Award-winning host of The Small Business Advocate Show and creator of the small business knowledge base,

"Sam Richter's book on cold calling will bring professionalism and common sense back into prospecting for new customers."
Tom Schaber
Selling Dynamics

"Virtually every book about selling should be required to display this cautionary label: ‘Warning: the sales advice you are about to read skips the most important part. Good luck.' Sam Richter's Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling is the exception. It's the first and last word on selling in today's information society."
Michael Benidt & Sheryl Kay, Founders
Golden Compass, Inc.

"If information is power, here is a book that will make you more powerful. This book couldn't come at a better time. We live in a world of information overload. This book is a guide to easily accessing and harnessing the right information. Richter gives us the tools we need."
Howard Liszt, Retired CEO
Campbell Mithum Esty Advertising

"If you want to succeed in business today, you need to know how to find better information online....faster.  This book tells you how to do it. So get it."
Robert Stephens, Founder
The Geek Squad

"So often, business books are theoretical, leaving the reader to figure out how to apply the information. Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling is the opposite—the reader can immediately apply the theories and techniques to become dramatically better at value selling by harnessing the power of the Internet in a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use way. Any person—whether a businessperson or not—can benefit from this information."
Judith Cone, Vice Chancellor for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Development
University of North Carolina

"Sam Richter has blended his extensive knowledge and experience in creating lasting professional relationships with his extraordinary information search background to produce a book that is both readable and instructive. His approach will enhance your misunderstood realm of connecting with customers you do not know."
Christopher P. Puto, Ph.D., Dean and Opus Distinguished Chair
Opus College of Business
University of St. Thomas

"If you are in sales, this book is a must read! It is imperative that sales people adapt to the new world of selling, in which buyers expect sales people to be knowledgeable and prepared. Sam Richter provides invaluable insight in his book and empowers sales people to do their homework quickly and easily. Those who adapt, thrive! Those who don't, become extinct."
Lee B. Salz, President
Sales Dodo

Author: Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager

"Most business books will provide you with two or three good ideas. This book will provide you with dozens. After reading it, you will have the resources necessary to be better prepared than your competition, and better prepared to sell to new and existing customers."
Don MacPherson, President
Modern Survey

"Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling is a book I recommend to all of the companies in our portfolio. The techniques learned from the book provide almost immediate returns, and our sales professionals have been able to convert their tough leads immediately. Sam has captured and shares fantastic ideas that will be converted into sales revenue for you and your company. This book is on the must-read least for all sales people and business owners."
Dan Mallin, Managing Partner and Founder

Equals 3, LLC

"Albert Einstein once said: The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources!" If you want to be a top salesperson and discover outrageously effective resources to connect with your clients - then this book is for you!!"
Kim Duke
The Sales Divas Inc.

"Sam Richter's ingenious strategies for researching prospective clients online are invaluable for salespeople. Using the info they uncover, savvy sellers can craft enticing account-entry campaigns, position themselves as trusted advisors and shorten their sales cycle. Get Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling now."
Jill Konrath, Author, Selling to Big Companies
Chief Sales Officer,

"Sam's book empowers sales and busy managers by showing them how to efficiently gather and organize Customer Intelligence using the Internet, Invisible Web, premium databases, public libraries and more. Adopt these practices and learn about your customers before the Sales Call: you'll never Cold Call again!"
Ellen Naylor, President

Business Intelligence Source: specializing in Sales and Marketing Intelligence

"Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling does an amazing job of guiding you through the steps necessary to become a successful sales professional. This might just be your last purchase of a "how to" sales manual." 
Lori Kiser-Block, President

"Many times during the day, I am looking for different bits of information online. Like many people, I often turn use the easiest source (Google) instead of the best source. This book is packed with incredible online resources to learn about different industries. Sam Richter has pulled together a remarkable resource. I highly recommend."
Terry Whalin, Publisher and Top-Selling Author
Intermedia Publishing Group

"This is a got-to-buy book. Every marketer and sales person needs this on their desk and the copy will soon be well thumbed and well used. There is no book out there like this one for immediate and direct utility.  As marketing realizes that their job is to drive sales,  buyer information becomes key – and this book provides the tools, lessons and examples of how to do that research job.  What a find!"
Reg Nordman, Founder and Managing Partner
Rocket Builders

"Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling is now a permanent fixture in my bookcase. I keep it very close to my computer. Whenever I can't easily find info on a person or a company, I open this book. The chapters on finding "hidden" stuff, like company execs' email and/or phone numbers has proven to be invaluable."
Gary Wollin
Invesment Advisor; Wall Street Journal and New York Times Contributor

"I am the world’s fastest reader, and have read more than 30,000 books. As you can imagine I have the knowledge and experience to recognize a great book. "Take The Cold Out Of Cold Calling" is one hot book. It is the best book I've read on using online tools to spot opportunities—tons of opportunities you probably would miss without reading this amazing book. Great job Sam, your book has made it into my top-ten best books to use for business success."
Howard Stephen Berg
The World’s Fastest Read

"If you're a financial advisor who wants new leads, better referrals, and the secret weapons to understanding your prospects and clients so you can grow your business, then you need this book!"
Frank Maselli
Best selling Author, Referrals: The Professional Way

"I have been in sales for more than forty years and I predate the PC computer. This book is the most complete prospecting system that I have ever seen. Sam has written a book that will save sales people untold amounts of time spent in digging out prospects."
Bourbon Bellon, Owner
Bellon Sales Associates

"Sam’s book is outstanding and I totally recommend purchasing it ASAP. Sam provides crucial information that has greatly assisted me in my daily work. He has provided me with a strong toolkit to take the cold out of cold calling."
David S. Cox, Director Business Development – Retail,
HCL Technologies Ltd.

"This book is SOLID GOLD! I am aware of nobody else who either a) Knows all this information or b) Has compiled and shared this information to the world like Sam has taken the time to do. Business is all about relationships today. If it's true that one has only 5-10 seconds to grab someone's attention and keep it in a first-time conversation, then you need to do your homework beforehand if you're going to make the sale. This book tells you how to do that in simple and entertaining language. Bottom line: if your idea of gathering information is to simply "Google" it, you NEED this book!"
Keith Hruby
Maximum Profit Group

"Through Sam's teachings and Know More! tools, I was able to find inside information about a very important prospect that directly led to me landing a $400,000 commitment, with more to come. Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling is today's success secrets for anyone in business development, sales, and/or fundraising"
Joel Mandel
Executive Director, Sholom Foundation

"You don't have to wait for your marketing department create warm leads for you any more. Read Sam's book and act now! The book will give you great tips on how to find prospects online and how to make warm calls. I've already found some phone numbers that I could not find before reading Sam's book. And it didn't cost me anything. I recommend this book to anyone (not just salespeople) who wants to make contacts with someone you have not met (business or private)."
Aki Ito, Director of International Operations
TOIN Corporation

"Having been a sales and business development executive for many years, I can say with confidence that Sam's book is without a doubt a must have sales tool in today's business environment. The content of the book is powerful and immediately actionable. In this era of information overload, your sales message needs to be personal, relevant and non-intrusive. Using the many web search secrets, tactics and strategy that Sam lays out, I am able to quickly identify and make a personal connection to many high-value prospects to rapidly build my business. Five stars for Sam and his great book!"
Fred Simonds

"Because of Sam's teachings, tools, and techniques, I am better prepared for meetings and spend more time asking 'probing questions' that lead to uncovering real needs. I had a prospective client recently comment that they had not had anyone come to a meeting so prepared – we earned their trust and won their work."
Jim Stelten, Partner in Charge of Client Experiences / Practice Growth

"To all you non-salesperson types who might be put off by the title of this book, rip the top two thirds of the cover off. For you this is a no nonsense Web Research book as evidenced by the subtitle - Web Search Secrets. This book is great for students, educators, CEOs, CFOs, COOs and all other business professionals. I burned through the book in two sittings and was astonished at how much more search power is just a few more clicks away from the typical Google search. I thought I had finished a large research project before reading the book and with using just a few of Sam's secrets I increased the amount of meaningful data to consider by more than 50 percent."
George Clarke, Chief Financial Officer
U.S. Wealth Management, LLC

"I have read over 100 sales books during my 17 years as a professional salesperson. Out of the 100, I can point to 3 or 4 which made a difference in my career. Sam's book just became one of the 3 or 4. What makes it different is that it teaches you how to prepare for the sales call (research your prospects and suspects) like no other book on the market. It is a UNIQUE and one of a kind book. If you consider yourself a PROFESSIONAL salesperson, you must buy and apply the teachings from this book. You are guaranteed to profit from it."
Daniel T. Vonlehmden, Regional Director
Multi-Funds, Inc.

"I have actually attended two of Sam's seminars, and I'm struck by the amount of new information included in the second. It's clear that Sam Richter is at the leading edge of client research and preparation for today's consultative sales process. Quite simply this book is a thorough doctrine for accessing, sorting and applying the massive amount of information available on the web today for the purpose of preparing and connecting to people. How you might use that information in your role as a sales and marketing professional, a customer service leader or simply as someone who understands the important of bringing value to business relationships isn't as important as the ability to differentiate yourself in a competitive marketplace through well-timed information. Credibility isn't what you know about your business. It's what you know about your customer's business. And my belief is that this book is the platinum standard (hope your appreciate the inference, Sam) for establishing credibility with your customers. It's an absolute must have."
Brad Guck, Districk Manager

"I was fortunate enough to attend a seminar by Sam Richter. Without sounding too dramatic, what I heard in this seminar changed how I conduct my business. This book gives you the roadmap to not just change how you call on your customers but how you can investigate anything and everything that the internet has to offer. It will open a whole new world for you. I not only picked up copies for my Marketing Dept, Equipment Purchaser and Sales Dept. but for my daughter who is in college too. I have been to countless seminars but none have struck me like Mr. Richter's and he has managed to capture it all in this book. I cannot think of anyone who could not benefit from reading this!!"
Jack Province
General Manager
Bert-Co Industries

"Recently I attended one of Sam Richter's Seminars on "Take the Cold out of Cold Calling" and found it unbelievable. In the book he talks about the "emotional" ride of the sales call and how people buy from people they like. A large portion of the book is dedicated to the techniques of how to use the internet to find/get/use the information that's out there. I have reached for this book just about every other day to get new ways of finding the information and how to dig deeper into the search engines on the internet. This is a must have book for any and all sales people. "
S. Johnson

"We just held our business book discussion group on the book written by Sam Richter, 'Take the Cold out of Cold Calling.' This an amazing must read book! Having knowledge in advance of your meetings about current business issues, industry trends, competitors and what is relevant to your audience gives you an unfair advantage. It gives you credibility and increases your personal value. This book is well written and easy to read. It gives you access to more ways to get to information than you can imagine."
SBAC Book Club Book Review

"Take The Cold Out Of Cold Calling unlocks fundamental secrets about how to take a disciplined and expert approach for mining research on-line to get you to a sales "close" more effectively and quickly. Sam leverages his vast experience and knowledge about maximizing the vast information resources found on the Internet in a straightforward, easy-to-digest manner that elevates his book above the mass of meaningless and impersonal "how to" books.  Take The Cold Out Of Cold Calling is a transforming treasure trove of wise counsel. It is destined to become THE benchmark for achievers and entrepreneurs to realize their dreams by leveraging information available to everyone on the Internet that will lead to the opening of doors of opportunity, new relationships and financial enrichment."
Greg Heinemann, Managing Partner
Denali Marketing

"Prospecting for new business is the life blood of every sales organization. The techniques that Sam details in this book provide a wealth of practical tools that will help you find the decision makers and the information you need to make your product or service relevant to them. Sam's book is required reading for all my sales people."
Scott Severson, President

"Given the amount of time we all now spend searching on the Internet, Sam's book makes me tremendously more effective and saves valuable time. It will be assigned reading for our entrepreneurship students."
John D. Stavig, Professional Director
Gary S. Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship
Carlson School of Management , University of Minnesota

"Take the Cold Out nails it. The key to value-added sales is meaningful relationships and the key to meaningful relationships in knowing your audience. What's more, Sam provides not just the theory but the tools and tips to gather the relevant information."
Bruce Langer, Investor
Tealwood Asset Management

"Wow! Timely, relevant, thoughtful, and 'everyday usable.' Sam delivers direction and guidance for arming sales and marketing folks to maximize influence and drive results. His work has immediate application for businesses of all sizes and can really level the playing field for businesses that customarily have less access to information and strategic resources."
David Kristal, CEO
Augeo Marketing

"If you're not selling value in your sales and customer management efforts, then you could very well be caught in the ‘vendor trap' competing on price. You sell value by understanding your customer's business.  Sam Richter gives us a step-by-step guide on how to find what you need to know about your customer's business to help you successfully sell value!"
Dan Kosch and Mark Shonka
Co-authors of the bestselling book, "Beyond Selling Value" (Kaplan)

"Sam Richter has distilled all the best methodologies for Internet research into one place. If you thought Google was the ultimate Internet search tool, wait until you see how Sam uses Google and other online resources to find information. You'll shout 'Eureka' with every result."
Bob Schoenbaum and Mike Frommelt, Co-Founders
KeyStone Search

"Sam Richter presents a pragmatic approach to today's sales process. Putting theory to practice, the ‘Fourth R' section of ‘Relax!' is a simple reference guide that creates a clear path to understanding clients, prospects and industries. Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling will be an essential resource that our team will consult over and over."
David Patchen, President
MainTrax Response Tracking / Media Efficiency

"If you cannot have Sam Richter in your office or with every employee you have facing customers and driving sales the next best thing is his book. This is a book that is practical and user friendly while at the same time fascinating for what it uncovers in the growing world of information."
William M. Rohde Jr., Executive Vice President

W.R. Berkley Corporatio

"Read this book before your competitors do! Compelling and practical, this book is a how-to guide to find and win new business."
Michael Lacey, CEO
Digineer, Inc.

"Sam wrote this book for salespeople, but it's absolutely valid for adding resonance to marketing efforts in complex sales where the relationship needs to be established prior to a sales activity—as well as to extend loyalty after the sale. Marketers spend a lot of time on lead generation, but ongoing nurturing is becoming more important than ever—throughout the entire customer life cycle. In order to make sure your marketing content is focused, relevant, and valuable, you'll need to turn to the Internet for what Sam calls the Fourth R - Research. Go get Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling - you'll be amazed at how streamlined research can impact your marketing & sales efforts."
Ardath Albee, B2B Strategist, Founder/CEO
Marketing Interactions

"Sam Richter thinks he has written a book for sales people. I think he has written a book for everyone. Let's face it; in the real world, success is a collaborative effort and depends mostly on who thinks enough of you to help you succeed. In this book, Sam is showing you how to use prior research to help you impress important people and, in so doing, convert them from passive bystanders in your life to pro-active advocates.  You need this skill in sales but you need it to succeed in virtually every endeavor."
Bob Kaufman, President
Executives in Motion

"Take the Cold out of Cold Calling is so well written and organized now even I can use the Internet to find real information that helps me in my business and personal life."
Murray Death, Owner
CPR Cell Phone Repair

"I recommend that if you need help making sales calls that you read this book. Sam knows his stuff and we are lucky that he decided to write the book and help us all!"
Molly Kridel, CEO

"I read Sam's book, "Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling", and loved it! I can't remember the last time I received so much information that was immediately useful. Thank you, thank you!"
Sheila LeGeros, Owner
International Business Consultant & Facilitator
LeGeros International

"A must read for any sales professional that is serious about growing a company's bottom line. I interact with companies in the F100-F500 and Global 2000 space on a daily basis and it is imperative that you have all the data points and be prepared for all interactions with your client. Sam’s book provides awesome insights on areas where you can find the key nuggets about your client & company."
Paul Savelsbergh
Sr Account Executive, Six Sigma Black Belt
WebTrends, Inc.

"This book will enable you to decrease the amount of time spent looking for information, and what you do find will provide brilliant value..."Sam's Tips" on each page simplifies his key points and allows you to reference the information easier. Even better is the Web Search Quick Reference Guide at the end of the book. Leave this open at your desk, impress your boss!"
Armchair Interviews

"Sam's book is a guide for using the internet as a powerful tool to gain knowledge of clients in advance - and see what they want and what they are looking for, to better apply one's company to appeal to the most clients possible. It is a must for any business looking to attract more clients and for community library business collections."
Midwest Book Review

"I just finished reading, and before I even finished I had success. This will be a powerful tool for many different levels of education."
Stephen Raborn, Account Executive
Crews and Associates, Inc

"After conducting an audio interview with Sam, I've used his suggestions multiple times. Most recently, it led to me getting called back for a second meeting about what could be a large piece of business. The tactics work!"
Stephen Mullen, President
EndGame Public Relations, LLC

"Sam's book is exactly what he says it is...a tool to help the reader find enough information to actually make the call a warm, informed call. There is no reason to be nervous when you feel you have a reason to call...and that makes the call warm. I tried many of his tips on getting information quicker and they all worked! I actually researched a company that I was calling on, found the most recent press release, which revealed that my current contact had RETIRED!!!! It pays to do your research to avoid looking stupid."
Kristen B. Lundgren, Sales Consultant
Reflections Printing


"I attended a webinar that Sam held and learned valuable useful information. As a result I purchased his book "Take The Cold Out Of Cold Calling" and I highly recommend this book as it is a valuable resource tool. I write Business Plans, Marketing Plans and Request for Proposals (RFPs) for a living and I cannot begin to count the total number of hours spent on research this book has saved me. If you utilize the internet to research or if you are a salesperson looking for leads you need to purchase this book."
Leah E. Curry, Owner
Business Advisors


"As a business owner I am always looking for tools to improve. Within the first couple of weeks it has paid for itself. This is a "must have" for all business people whether you are in sales or not. The tools and suggestions will help you in all areas of your life. If possible attend the seminar!"
Cheryl Barton, Owner
Roaring Creek Stone

"I recently bought this book because as a small business owner for a Leadership Development consulting firm, I have done a lot of cold calling over the last several years to build my business. Any way I could research a company before I called, I did. Alas, I was woefully inadequate at searching the web. What Mr. Richter does is show you how to be more efficient with your time (crucial with a small business owner or any sales team) and help you 'uncover' the gems of information that will help you talk to decision makers with more confidence. This helps you cut to the chase of what is most important, and get their attention right away -- creating a more important conversation and increasing the likelihood of obtaining business. I own a large business library -- but this is the only book that is sitting on my desk, dog-eared and constantly referenced. Do yourself a favor and get your own copy. Get a copy for each of your sales buddies. Get a copy for any small business owner you know. Spread the word. This book is a toolkit, not a book of concepts to kick around and debate. I want to personally thank Mr. Richter for writing something that I consider an investment in my future!"
David Sawtelle, President
ORCHA, Orchestrate

"What a great book! Sam Richter provides incredible resources on the web to research companies, products, industries, and people. I keep his book on the corner of my desk and reference often. On his web site, Sam provides a customized web toolbar that puts his recommended resources at your fingertips. I was absolutely amazed at how much information you can find for free! You won't be disappointed by this book!"
Anita Cassidy

"This is a great book. My best friend's wife (46 years old) had a mild stroke and remained in the ICU for a number of weeks. Thankfully, she did not suffer any paralysis or memory damage, but was still in serious danger of another stroke. She was diagnosed with a very rare condition and the doctors were having problems stabilizing her brain activity. One of my tasks was to help find research doctors with extensive research on her condition and get their contact information. I spent numerous hours performing this research and had it not been for information learned in this book, I would not have been 5% as successful. I was able to get unpublished contact information from specialists around the world, including names, addresses, and phone numbers. We contacted a number of the doctors and ultimately, one of the doctors recommended a change in her medication, which finally stabilized her brain activity. I could not be more thankful to Mr. Richter and his book."
Kent Dombal

"Sam's book is a great resource for anyone that looks for information, whether for business or pleasure. If you do nothing but read the "Sam Tips" in the margins, you'll get more than your money's worth.....and the "Quick Reference Guide" is the frosting on the cake."
Sam Hahs

"I am an Account Executive for a software company that is totally dedicated to Payments Application Software for the financial community. Finding really good information on these companies can be quite hard and time consuming. Sam's book is filled with many valuable tools. I would like to take this time to say Thank You, Sam, for writing this book. Your book has helped me be more prepared, knowledgeable, and efficient. I would recommend it to anyone and I am looking forward to reading more."
Joshua Cole

"Sam's book was given to me by a friend. I read half of it and put it down, grabbed my car keys and went to purchase my own copy. I then came home and literally finished the rest of the book in one sitting. Now it is not a book that you can just stick on your bookshelf. I will refer to it when I can not remember something. Though after reading the book and installing Sam's warm call tool bar in which he referred to in the book I have learned how to turn ordinary meetings into warm call meetings. It is no longer cold calling when you are already warm going into the meeting. The client may not know you are going in warm but they surely will after you start interacting. I would highly recommend the book to anybody in the sales, marketing or even out of a job marketing. Truly a must read and must own."
Joel Feder

Book Reviews

"I have been reading sales and prospecting books for 25 years, and this book is in the handful that I have ever recommended to other people that sell for a living. Sam Richter's book describes in specific detail how to use free Internet resources to find out every relevant, timely and sales oriented detail imaginable about every prospect you want to do business with. In your first cold call to that prospect you will know more about the prospect's business problem--and how your product or service can specifically solve that problem--than any other sales person that has ever called that prospect before."
Ric Lager, President
Lager & Company, Inc.

"If you are serious about sales then this book belongs in your library. I found the information about LinkedIn especially useful."
Martin Boardman, Asset Manager
Rising Sun Real Estate Group, LLC

"I have been using Sam's techniques for several months now as a representative in financial services. Because I meet with people all day, I have very little time to research and investigate the full breadth of opportunity available with each prospect. After implementing the relevant ideas from Sam's book, the time I take to research, investigate and gather information has been easily cut in half. I wish I would have had these techniques while I was in college. It is simply incredible. I hesitate to share this book with my colleagues because I feel I have a great competitive edge with all its tools. Needless to say, I am confident today that my research techniques and the time I spend preparing for meetings is efficient and very effective. And that gives me great peace of mind in a non-stop practice like financial services where every minute counts."
Doug Goodmundson
Ameriprise Financial Services

"Since reading this book and learning how to use the warm call tools my prep time for new prospect calls is much more productive and process oriented. Last week I gave a presentation to a new prospect. After the presentation I was told I was one of the most knowledgeable people about their company and probably knew more than some of their employees! This compliment is a direct result of using the warm call toolbar to do my research. I have since purchased this book for new college grads in the interviewing process and seasoned veterans as this makes the time put into research shorter and more productive."
Hilary Feder

"Over the years I have gone from sales person to sales manager and back to a direct sales role with major accounts. My major account development role demands a high internet search IQ and "Take The Cold Out" made that happen for me. Seriously, without this book, most people would have no idea of the hidden prospect information available to everyone on the internet. I give it an A++. Thank you Sam!"
Will Marquardt

"I want to thank you for your your book, and the Warm Call Center/Toolbar.  I am meeting with a prospective client this morning—a $500M bank—and found superior information through your sources after looking in vain for data via other Web sites and databases that I pay for (and the other’s aren’t cheap!).  So Thank You for pulling your tools, and resources together and making it available to people like me!! I now have a bound document of "background information" to lay on the table before the meeting starts. I know the client will be "wowed" by the extent to which I went to learn more about them. You’re a business life saver!"
Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC and Founder
Professional Services Marketing, Inc.

"I was thrown into the water, so to speak, in inside advertising sales, and asked to swim. So I researched several books on the topic of cold calling, and saw that "How to Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling" had all 5-star reviews. I'm not sorry I bought this one! This book is a wealth of information about developing relationships and acting in more of a consultative sales manner so as not to turn potential advertisers off with an overly "sales-y" approach. The book also lists all kinds of wonderfully helpful websites and how to use them to find pertinent information about the person you're trying to contact, including e-mail addresses, names, titles, business information and statistics, etc. which is tremendously valuable to researching BEFORE you call. Thank you, Mr. Richter! You've helped me get off to a solid start in sales. I highly recommend this wonderful book."
Amy Krebs

"Five Stars out of Five! As a career sales professional Take The Cold Out Of Cold Calling is the most valuable business book that I've read in years. Sam's book is a goldmine of free and inexpensive tips and tools that you can use instantly at your desk daily to raise the bar when it comes to approaching your prospects respectfully and intelligently. I recommend that you read it from cover to cover and use it as a desktop reference for growing your business effectively. If you only buy one sales book this year buy this one!"
Alan Geller, Managing Director
AG Barrington, Inc.

"Want to improve your sales effectiveness? Then get this book to learn specific ways you can out-prepare your competition when it comes to understanding your prospect's company, industry challenges, business issues (along with useful information on the person you will be speaking with or meeting with)... all of which will enable you to take the "cold" out of your first contacts with your prospects. I really thought I knew how to conduct an effective online search... but I learned some powerful new techniques in Sam's book. As an author of several sales books based on interviews with hundreds of corporate decision-makers, I appreciate Sam's approach which also puts the focus on the buyer's side of the desk."
Michael Schell, Author and Corporate Sales Trainer

"You don't have to wait for your marketing department create warm leads for you any more. Read Sam's book and act now! The book will give you great tips on how to find prospects online and how to make warm calls. I've already found some phone numbers that I could not find before reading Sam's book. And it didn't cost me anything. I recommend this book to anyone (not just salespeople) who wants to make contacts with someone you have not met (business or private)."
Aki Ito, Director of International Operations
TOIN Corporation

"I've been a 'new business' sales person for most of my selling career. This book shows you how to use the search engines to find information that would normally be hidden from search results, can dramatically speed up the time it takes to research an organisation, has some great tips that enable you to be more creative in your searches plus lots of other useful information. I don't think any sales person would be disappointed with this book."
Roz Bennetts

"If doing effective web searches is important to you, you need to get a copy of this book. I own two copies. It’s one of the very few books I bought as an ebook initially and then decided I needed to have it in paper form."
J.T. Pedersen
Livingston Talk

"Thank you for the wonderful book. It was a life turning book for me in my career. It has helped my team a lot to reach C-level executives in companies and capture their needs and offer them our solutions."
Priyanka Jhamnani

"If you are in sales so much of the time information is gold to you. This book is a gold maker. It guides you through areas of the web to do research that I never knew existed. The perfect book to help make that cold call into a warm one!"
C. G. Baxter IV

"This book is a treasure of how to use the internet to prospect and do research. I learned a lot and would recommend this book to anyone who is in sales."
Startup Freak

"Let me say that this book is GREAT for someone new to business to business phone prospecting and even better for someone who does web mining (researching contact lists). I also like how the book is written in a straight-forward, non-gimmicky manner. This book advises that cold callers use an elevator pitch that is tailored to the prospect and establishes value up front. It also gives a good deal of information on researching the calls in order to tailor it to the prospect. Bottom line: If you are new to B2B cold calling or if you are involved in list building or data mining, this could be a FANTASTIC resource to you."
J. Coberly

"I have read a lot of books on marketing and getting information. This book is really good with all the new technologies. I would recommend this book to anyone."
Dave Toeben
Insight Insurance Services

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