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Post-Program Implementation

Imagine a top-rated keynote presentation or workshop where the implementation and success continues long after the ovation subsides.


Imagine a program where your attendees leave with take-home resources they can immediately use to improve their business. 


Value-Add Resources for Program Attendees


You've experienced it before. You attend a conference featuring an exceptional speaker. Yet afterwards, very little, if anything, changes in your business and bottom-line.


NOW... imagine experiencing a motivating, entertaining, high-content speaker who provides learning and tools that you can take back to your office and use every day. Forever.

Introducing the Value-Add Implementation Program

When you hire Sam Richter, your attendees get the tools and resources to immediately implement their new knowledge with options including:

  • YouGotIntel Online Intel Tools (included)

  • Virtual Sam (included)

  • Downloadable Reference Guide - (included)

  • Custom / GPT Intel Engine (optional)

  • Ongoing Virtual Resource Training (optional)

  • HD Program Recording (virtual sessions)

Value-Add Implementation Program Components and Pricing

The Value-Add Implementation Program ensures the learning and implementation continues long after the applause ends. Your attendees have never received this much value from an in-person or virtual program that makes an immediate impact in their business success. Guaranteed.

Add a Custom Value-Add Implementation Program Today


1: INTEL RESOURCES (included)

All program attendees receive complimentary and unlimited access to powerful online sales, business, and competitive resources. Leveraging proprietary AI technologies, YouGotIntel makes it easy to implement some of the secret intel tips Sam shares.

2: Virtual Sam GPT (included)

All attendees receive access to Virtual Sam, a custom ChatGPT chatbot that has been trained specifically on Sam's work and more. Anytime a program attendee has a question about what they discovered at Sam's programs, they can ask Virtual Sam and get an instant answer.


3: REFERENCE GUIDES (included)

Each program come with its own Reference Guide, an instruction manual to help attendees implement the techniques Sam shares. The Guide is the "notes" or slides for Sam's programs. All attendees can download and print their Guide at any time. 


For Sam's Intel programs, your attendees can receive unlimited access to a custom Intel Engine. Think of an Intel Engine as a specially-built search application that finds the online information specific to your attendees' targets and decision-makers. 


5: ONGOING TRAINING (optional)

While the Intel Engine is intuitive and easy-to-use, it's also power-packed with features. Add this option to your program and, Sam will deliver Engine training to your team, anytime you need it, months or even years after your initial live presentation.

6: BONUS SITE (virtual programs)

When you book a virtual program, your attendees will have 24/7/365 access to a custom Bonus Site which includes: 

  • An HD recording of your program

  • YouGotIntel site access

  • Downloadable Intel Guides 

  • Your optional custom Intel Engine

Check out a Sample Bonus Site.




All Value-Add Implementation components marked "included" above are already a part of Sam's speaking fee.


For the optional Intel Engine and Ongoing Training components, it is typically a one-time fee for unlimited access. We are also very flexible and get very creative with pricing, for example, working with sponsors, including them as part of multiple presentation bookings, or for associations, even making them a revenue-generating benefit of membership

Bottom Line: We Make it Work for You

Please fill out the form below or give us a call to discuss an option that works best for you.

Let's Discuss Your Goals

Complete the form below please tell us about your upcoming event. We'll respond to set up a time to discuss your goals, and how the Take-Home Bonus Program can make your next event your best one ever.


If you would prefer, you can also contact us directly at or 612.655.3397.

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