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About Sam Richter

Considered one of the world's foremost experts on AI-powered digital information, award-winning Hall of Fame speaker and bestselling author, Sam Richter, takes something you already know, that Knowledge Is Power, and turns it into reality.


It's the "HOW you do it" - using the Web resources you use every day in ways you never thought possible combined with AI-powered tools you never knew existed - that will truly amaze you (and probably scare you).

Sam Richter - Generative AI Expert and Thought Leader

As Featured In...

Sam Richter - Hall of Fame Keynote Business Speaker and Technology Entrepreneur in the News
Sam Richter - Hall of Fame Keynote Business Speaker and Technology Entrepreneur in the News
Sam Richter - Hall of Fame Keynote Business Speaker and Technology Entrepreneur in the News
Sam Richter - Hall of Fame Keynote Business Speaker and Technology Entrepreneur in the News

Sam Richter Biography

Meet Sam Richter, a distinguished Hall of Fame speaker renowned for his expertise in digital information. Sam is the only professional speaker who not only helps you discover the power of online intelligence, he also builds the AI and ChatGPT intel resources to ensure you experience immediate success. Throughout his career, he has crafted innovative programs and technology for both start-up companies and some of the world's most recognized brands.
  • Professional Speaker Hall of Fame

  • Top 15 Highest-Rated Speakers for Virtual Events

  • Top 50 Sales Keynote Speakers

  • Top 25 Most Influential Sales Leaders

  • Top 100 Motivational Speakers

  • Minnesota Speaker Hall of Fame

  • Top Sales Coach

  • Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) - Top 10% of World's Speakers

  • Bestselling Book - Awarded Sales Book of the Year

  • Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

Sam is the founder and CEO of SBR Worldwide/Know More. Through his in-person keynote presentations and online programs, Sam trains leading organizations and entertains tens of thousands of people around the world. Sam’s programs promise to be the highest-content, most take-home-value presentations attendees have ever experienced.


The National Speakers Association inducted Sam into the Professional Speaker Hall of Fame, where fewer than 300 professional speakers worldwide have been honored, and Sam also received the Association's CSP Designation, reserved for the top 10 percent of the world's professional speakers.


He was named one of the Top 15 Highest Rated Speakers for Virtual Events, one of the Top 50 Sales Keynote Speakers in the world, one of the world's Top 100 Motivational Speakers, a Top Sales Coach by the Coach Foundation, and he is also a member of the Minnesota Speaker Hall of Fame.

Sam is the author of the bestselling book, Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling, considered the preeminent publication on finding information online and using it for sales success. Take the Cold was named "Sales Book of the Year" by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals, and it was also named a "USA Book News Winner" and a "Sales Book Awards Silver Medalist."

In addition to speaking and writing, Sam created numerous AI-powered technologies, including a family of custom enterprise business, sales, and competitive intelligence search applications., the Business / Sales Intel Engines, a library of online intel tools at YouGotIntel, the financial advisor program, the AI-powered marketing and sales platform, and the Diamond Speaker program for higher-end professional speakers. Sam also creates custom AI and Generative-AI powered resources used by top companies worldwide.


Multiple times Sam was named by InsideView as one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in Sales, and he was also named as one of the Top Chief Marketing Officers on Twitter and has been recognized by LinkedIn as having one of the world's most viewed profiles. Sam has been featured in thousands of television and radio programs and national and online publications.

For more than six years, Sam was president of the James J. Hill Center, a not-for-profit business library, where he led the transformation of an eighty-five-year-old private, non-profit business research organization into a nationally renowned institution serving entrepreneurs and small businesses via cutting-edge online resources. Sam also spent more than eighteen years in the advertising, public relations, and e-commerce/e-marketing industry owning his own firm and working for internationally recognized organizations as a creative director, group director, and marketing director. Sam has led product launches and strategic marketing programs for companies including Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Major League Baseball, Polaris Industries, and National Geographic.


He has won regional, national, and international awards, including Best of Show and Gold Awards at numerous sales and marketing competitions, Webby Awards, and a Gold Award at the International Film Festival. He's also won a Retail Vision Award and a Codie Award - "the "Oscars" of the software industry" - for Best E-commerce Software. He is a member of the Business Journal's "Forty Under 40" and a past finalist for Inc. Magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year.

Sam serves on the Boards of Directors for Brandpoint, one of the world's leading content management platforms, and Argos Risk, a business financial health and credit monitoring software platform. He is also an advisor and partner at numerous technology, big data, and sales organizations.

Sam received his B.A. from the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication and was twice named Scholastic All-American while also a four-year player and a letter winner on the University of Minnesota varsity football team. His postgraduate education includes certificate degrees in Executive Leadership from the University of St. Thomas and in Corporate Boards of Director Ethical Leadership from Saint Mary's University.


Sam lives in Minnetonka, Minnesota, with his wife and two children. He enjoys mentoring individuals in his community and volunteering his time working with non-profit organizations, including Mental Health Navigators, a national non-profit online community support and resource group helping parents of children experiencing mental health issues, where Sam built the nationally renowned Mental Health Resource Search Engine.

Sam Richter Biography
Sam Richter - Hall of Fame Keynote Business Speaker and Technology Entrepreneur in the News

Sam Richter Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year

From Inc. Magazine Publishers:
"Sam is an entrepreneur's entrepreneur. Via the Web, he has transformed a sleepy non-profit library into a resource for entrepreneurs who need information to live their dreams. Now millions of people access high-end business information to craft their plans and make better decisions. In addition to helping others, Sam's vision has positioned the Library for growth, and increased revenue 450%+."

Sam Richter Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year Nomination Comments:

  • "Sam is a genius with a Midas touch. The library offers excellent services and the atmosphere is electric (whether in the library or via responses to reference inquiries). Sam is deserving of this great award."
    Paul Burnett - Minneapolis, MN

  • "Sam's enthusiasm for the entrepreneur and for empowering them to access the information so vital to their business growth is explosive. 25 years ago I sold what at the time was the best business information available. JJ Hill is a thousand times better than that. What was almost impossible for the small business person to access just a few years ago, and is now available with a click of the mouse or a phone call will probably be Sam's greatest business achievement and legacy. Congratulations on your nomination. You deserve to be Entrepreneur of the Year."
    Tom Kieffer - St Paul, MN

  • "Sam Richter and the Hill Library are a valuable asset to entrepreneur worldwide. I'm delighted to tell fellow entrepreneurs who are looking for business information to look no further than the Hill Library and their excellent array of Information resources. Sam has done a fantastic job of leading the Hill Library to a new plateau. Sam also is a world class speaker and a true information professional. Sam is without a doubt my choice for Entrepreneur of the Year."
    Rosalind K. Lett, MLS, AHIP - Atlanta, GA

  • "The Hill Reference Library has done INCREDIBLE things to advance the art and science of entrepreneurship. The vision of Sam and the library have been critical to many of my client's successes."
    Jim Gann SBTDC Counselor - Columbia, MO

  • "Sam Richter is a phenomenal entrepreneur. I have never met anyone with such strong vision and creative energy. Sam has combined the Hill Library's legacy and strengths with the latest Internet technologies to make it the premiere business resource for entrepreneurs worldwide. We use the Hill Library every day to research potential business partners and competitors, market trends and market demographics."
    Kim Pearson - Minneapolis, MN

  • "Bar none, hands down, the Hill Library is the #1 resource on the Web for entrepreneurs and small business. I use the Biz Info Library at least once a week, and HillSearch probably every day. I started my business plan using HillSearch via my participation in FastTrac and I wrote not a good plan, but according to my banker, a GREAT plan. Everyone who read my plan commented on the research. Now that I've been in business for three years, I can absolutely attribute my success to the information I've found via HillSearch, and especially to the incredible staff who always provide exceptional service whenever I need help. I had the chance to hear Sam Richter speak at a small business conference, and not only is he an incredible speaker, but he's an amazing leader. What he has done at the Hill Library is astonishing. If he doesn't win this award, then no one should."
    Carl Hopewell - Colorado Springs, CO

  • "The commitment of Sam Richter and the J.J. Hill Library to empowering small business owners through access to vital business information is unquestioned. Through Sam's leadership the priceless resources of the J.J. Hill Library are now well within the reach of every small business owner. Sam Richter, representing the J.J. Hill library is an especially deserving nominee."
    Donald Wilson President, Association of Small Business Development Centers - Burke, VA

  • "As President of the JJ Hill Library, Sam has brought a new innovative direction to the library. His vision related to the use of technology integrated with the experience of the library research staff has helped me in growing my business. As an entrepreneur, Sam excels in creating the vision, change strategy, and implementation strategy needed to move the organization forward. Sam has built a great organization and has been instrumental in helping clients of the JJ Hill library excel in their respective businesses."
    Wayne Serie - Minneapolis, MN

  • "In a world where business competition grows by leaps and bounds on a daily basis, Sam Richter could be the single greatest resource small business owners have in establishing footholds in their respective marketplaces. He provides access to information that the typical business owner could never find. He EMPOWERS entrepreneurs against larger competitors. In a nutshell, he has given David a much better slingshot. By that measure alone, Sam Richter is my choice for entrepreneur of the year."
    Brian Moran - President Moran Media Group - Paramus, NJ

  • "I have used the Hill Library and it is an absolute life saver. I could not have built my business without the Library team."
    Ed Jones - Kansas City, MS

    "As a user of the Hill, I can attest to its resources and the incredible staff of librarians. Sam Richter is most deserving of your award and the consideration given."
    Greg Heinemann - Minneapolis, MN

  • "Sam has done a great job bringing business and information together in nice precise and somewhat simply format. He making it easier for business people to do business."
    Stuart Kaufman - Wayzata, MN

  • "It is great to see Sam and the JJ Hill organization recognized for their hard work via this nomination. We have partnered with JJ Hill for many years, and our customers find their services to be an excellent value. We are grateful for their continued support of us and the small business community."
    Beth Anne Whalen, Palo Alto Software - Eugene, OR

  • "I use the JJ Hill Library to help counsel my small business clients, and have found the tools to be the most phenomenal. Huge kudos to Sam Richter!"
    Pam Livingston, SBDC Counselor - Denton, Texas

  • "Sam is a visionary and knows the importance of information in building businesses and is making it easier for entrepreneurs to find it."
    Dileep Rao - Minneapolis, MN

  • "Sam is not only an entrepreneur's entrepreneur, but he is a transformational entrepreneur. He has altered the way business is done and keeps bringing those associated with him into the next level. He is gifted in bringing us into the future without overwhelming us, yet we know he has a bigger vision than what he is showing us."
    Rich Iverson - Minneapolis, MN

  • "Great transfer to the field - my reps love the Hill Library online programs - we use them every day."
    Garfield Ogilvie - Minneapolis, MN

  • "Thanks to Sam Richter and the Hill Library, entrepreneurs work smarter, think bigger, and guess less. The Hill is an institution of great integrity: it is a model of entrepreneurial innovation that through its service and programs inspires and enables others to innovate in their own ways."
    Joe Moses - Minneapolis, MN

  • "A great gift to this valuable community asset. Business needs the Hill Library and Sam Richter."
    Bob Rasmussen - Minneapolis, MN

  • "I have worked with Sam as an advisory Board member of JJ HIll Library and can attest to his tremendous vision, energy and leadership skills. He is a very worthy candidate!"
    Brad Lehrman - Minneapolis, MN

  • "Sam and the JJ Hill Library staff were instrumental in supporting our new business. The JJ Hill Team continues to demonstrate their commitment to entrepreneurs."
    Greg Pavett - Victoria, MN

  • "Sam is an excellent entrepreneur and the products he has created have made an impact on our business!"
    Spenser Segal - Minneapolis, MN

  • "Sam is supremely deserving of this recognition and award. He not only has great vision and insight, he's a passionate and compassionate listener and helper. I presented him my challenges within the nonprofit marketplace, and he helped me find solutions that really worked. Nice to do business with someone whose heart is as big as his brain."
    Amy Rosenthal - Minneapolis, MN

  • "Under Sam's leadership the JJ Hill Library has emerged from being a good but little known business library to a dynamic business information resource accessible to and affordable for even the smallest businesses and entrepreneurs. Sam and his staff deserve to be recognized for that accomplishment."
    Greg Bergman - Brainerd, MN

  • "As a counselor for entrepreneurs wishing to start businesses and business expansion, I have found the Hill Library to be the best research tool on the Internet. They're constant updating keeps them current and assists the professionals in the field of business development one more tool. Good luck to Sam and his crew in this prestigious award."
    Curt Mowrer - Mt. Vernon, IL

  • "Sam has successfully identified a market niche and responds very effectively to their needs. The Library's customer service is excellent."
    Michelle Pyfferoen, SBDC Director - Rochester, MN

  • "The Hill Library is superb in the "flesh", but for those of us no longer in the St. Paul area, it is a godsend for our client. The Hill Search, the weekly, informative and fun "Website of the Week", the caring and concern that the staff takes to help us help our customers is wonderful."
    Tess Morrison, Director, Illinois International Trade Center, University of Illinois - Champaign, IL

  • "I have had the opportunity to participate in several workshops on J. J. Hill with Sam and every time am overwhelmed with the breadth and depth of knowledge he has and the resources available through J. J. Hill. Fantastic resources for all business owners, consultants, counselors and educators!"
    David Gay, IL SBDC, College of DuPage - Lisle, IL

  • "Sam Richter's JJ Hill Library is the most valuable tool I have available to me in my capacity as a business consultant working with both start up and existing businesses. My only regret is that I was not aware of their services sooner. They are the only organization that I recommend without any reservations."
    David Tinsley, SBDC consultant - Spartanburg, SC

  • "I am an SBDC advisor, and a big fan of HillSearch. Sam Richter recently shared his expertise and enthusiasm on a personal level at the Association of Small Business Development Centers Annual Conference in Denver. Of the many workshops I attended, Sam's presentation on HillSearch stands out as one of the best. The Hill Library provides unparalleled customer service along with a wealth of information. Thanks, Sam!"
    Gordon Smith - Clovis, NM

  • "I've been using the Hill Library for over 25 years. I knew it before it was online - before there was an online to be on. It was my little secret for finding good stuff, and I didn't always tell others that it existed. It came online, and I cheered - no more going downtown, plugging parking meters, and vaulting over snowbanks. Then one day its online service changed - and in a way I did not like. I zipped off one of my emails/letters for which I am told I am notorious. The very next day, I got a phone call from a person I didn't know. He said, "Hi, I'm Sam Richter, and I'm the new President of the Hill Library. May I buy you lunch?" Changed the whole definition of customer service, didn't he? I know lunch is never free, but I took him up on his offer. And you know what? He pretty much convinced me that he was right - and I was wrong. That just does not happen to me - but he was right. And it's been working for the Library ever since. I've worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs through the Small Business Development Center at the University of St. Thomas. I've yet to see another entrepreneur with Sam's energy and instinct for opportunities. He has built a national community of entrepreneurs around a library! A library! Something real and useful."
    Margaret Owen Thorpe - Saint Paul, MN

  • "I am in the business of helping small businesses. My productivity would be very limited without the support I received from the library online resources and professional personnel working at JJHill. I use them almost every day!"
    Brenda Quiroz-Maday - Springfield, VA

  • "I have been a Hill Library member for more than two years and use it weekly with my clients. I have been truly impressed how The Hill Library responds to change and continually updates the service to accommodate our fast paced world. Sam is very deserving of this award!"
    Sue Pitts, SBDC Center Director - Council Bluffs, IA

  • "The JJ Hill Website has been a true asset to our SBDC office, and especially helpful for our FastTrac participants!"
    Amy Kuhlers, UNI Regional Business Center/SBDC - Waterloo, IA

  • "In addition to HillSearch, Sam and his staff have created several other incredibly useful resources for empowering small businesses with information that gives them a true competitive advantage. Based on the information provided through these resources, my clients have made informed decisions that have allowed them to successfully capitalize on opportunities critical to their growth. By making these resources available, he's made it possible for every small business to make better decisions that both reduce risk and support profitable growth."
    Robin Lasher, SBDC Director - Corsicana, TX

  • "I have been using HillSearch for about a year. It is the best tool I have for research on companies, industries, and individuals. Sam is very deserving of the award as an entrepreneur who is providing a service that makes a real difference."
    Ed Gurowitz - Boulder, CO

  • "The Hill Library has given my small business all the power and resources of a large corporation in areas of marketing and sales research. The librarians are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful."
    Vuaghn Nystrom - Bayside, NY

  • "Under Sam's leadership, The Hill Library has been an extraordinary partner and resource as I have started my business. The people there draw not only on a wealth of published resources, but also on their own experience of transforming a staid institution into a vital, relevant force for small business."
    Charles Weinstein - Saint Paul, MN

  • "Sam Richter and the JJHill Library have changed the way we assist Small business across the state of Colorado. The tools he created are invaluable to our clients and add to the likelihood of their success and sustainability"
    Richard Werner - Associate Director Colorado SBDC - Denver, CO

  • "I have been a member of the Library for three years. It is with heavy heart that I write this! For the Library is the best kept secret in my entrepreneurial arsenal. I have always feared the day when the rest of the world would find out about it! Now that day is here!!! If you are serious about competitive intelligence sign up as a member NOW!!"
    Tyler Gompf - Winnipeg, Canada

  • "I've had the opportunity to network with Sam recently. He had done a fantastic job with the Library. The resources provided are a true asset to the business world. Great job, Sam!"
    Lee B. Salz - Minneapolis, MN

  • "The Spirit of James J. Hill seems to be driving Sam's 21st century version of "empire building." He is widely regarded for his tech-enabled business development and information-leveraging efforts throughout his career, in addition to his many community contributions. He's a connector. Sam personifies the modern, informed entrepreneurial spirit; and, he infuses it into all who cross his tracks."
    Ben Wallace, President - Link Positive, Inc. - St. Paul, MN

  • "Hill Source has been instrumental in marketing and sales performance for Anilor and for some of our clients."
    Gerald Matykowski - Minneapolis, MN

  • "I can't imagine how many have had their business lives improved by Sam's vision. This library levels the playing field between large and small businesses. Please give him more awards, he deserves them!"
    Beth Hagan, Ph.D. - Bonita Springs, FL

  • "I am as new in the business as a chic breaking out of the eggshell. I feel the Hill Library is my adopted father. Thank God."
    J.R. - Nashville, TN

  • "Sam is fantastic!"
    Jim Muellenbach - Minneapolis, MN

  • "My company has used the Hill Library to give us a competitive edge for years. Sam's achievements and the growth of the Hill Library have been nothing short of extraordinary. I cannot think of a more deserving candidate."
    Scott Severson - Minnetrista, MN

  • "Sam is the BOMB! He has the best online resource in the world!"
    M Carr - Killeen TX

  • "The Hillsearch Library has been of fantastic assistance to me in my work as Sales and Marketing director for a small business services firm. There is no other service that provides this much information at such an affordable price."
    Loral Narayanan - Buffalo, NY

  • "Sam Richter's JJ Hill Library HillSearch service saves us (and the environment) from trips to a research library almost every day. It has made a huge improvement in the quantity and quality of service our entrepreneurship support organization is able to provide."
    Richard Blue - Cassopolis, MI

  • "Sam and his team are a fantastic resource for small business. They are doing a great service to the small business community and is a great resource we use here in our Small Business Development Center."
    Daniel Morales - San Gabriel Valley, CA

  • "The remarkable thing about Sam is not only is he a great entrepreneur - but he helps so many entrepreneurs through the growth and success of the James J. Hill Library."
    Scott Litman - Mpls, MN

  • "Sam has always been a fabulous resource for us. JJ Hill was my first destination the minute we launched Farmer's Hat Productions. We were a Semi-Finalist for the Minnesota Cup and he helped us refine our business plan, navigate through systems, suggested books. I don't think I would have found the information I was looking for if I didn't use him and the Library."
    Kakie Fitzsimmons - Minneapolis, MN

  • "The librarians at the Hill Library are the best period! They helped save me from making an uninformed investment by showing me quantifiable research to support my concerns. Sam keeps these librarians motivated-they are the assets that drive the value of the library-James J Hill would be proud!"
    Jim Thomas - Golden Valley, MN

  • "Business has changed over the past few years and so has the James J. Hill Library thanks to Sam Richter. In a time where entrepreneurs and businesses need to stay in the forefront of information and technology, it is vital to have a source such as the Hill Library. Sam Richter and his team have done an extraordinary job to help all businesses with readily accessible and powerful search tools, speakers and staff. The James J. Hill Library excels in every way. The quiet historical St. Paul Library is becoming a powerhouse for business and I can't think of a more deserving person for this award!"
    Victoria Manuel - Minneapolis, MN

  • "I am a new user, and I am very impressed with the abundance of business tools and information and the ease of using these tools on a daily basis."
    Jane Crothers - Mesa, AZ

  • "I have had the opportunity and privilege to have access to the Hill Library resources for decades. It has been a vital resource for furthering my business career. The recent enhancements literally provide a reference librarian at my desktop. An invaluable resource."
    Jim Holmes - Plymouth, MN

  • "FastTrac has enjoyed a longtime partnership with Sam Richter and The JJHill Library to assist entrepreneurs with their research in marketing and development. During 10 week programs, delivered nationwide through 350 Partner sites, each participant enjoys a 3 month membership included with their program. The JJHill organization is continually updating and adjusting to each client's needs. JJHill's customer service deserves very high marks for the personal effort they give. Sam Richter is definitely deserving of this wonderful award to acknowledge JJHill's accomplishments. Go Sam!!!"
    Cheryl DeAngelo - Kansas City, MO

  • "What Sam has done at the Hill Library is nothing short of amazing -- no -- actually stunning. I'm at the Library right now using the Biz Info Library online and I can't understand why every small business person in the world doesn't use it. I'm also a HillSearch member and the two services combined has allowed me to open my business and generate millions of dollars in new sales. I don't know where I'd be without the Hill Library. On a side note, I've attended Sam's sales training program and bar none, it is the best sales training program around. INCREDIBLE!"
    Michael Thompson - St. Paul, MN

  • "The Hill Library is truly the leader in their market. Their services are incredibly useful to the budding or seasoned entrepreneur. Sam Richter's leadership has been invaluable to the growth and presence of the Library."
    Anonymous - Milwaukee, WI

  • "I use them to help me in counseling my clients as a SBDC Counselor. They are always friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help me help keep America growing."
    Richard Proffer - Jackson, MO

  • "Beyond the obvious value of the information provided by the Hill Library, I am most impressed with the level of customer service maintained by Mr. Richter and his team. If I can't find an answer on my own, all it takes is one email and Sam and his team come to my rescue immediately! Needless to say, I depend on these services daily."
    Jeff Borling - Duluth, MN

  • "Sam's contributions and leadership at the James J Hill Library have touched many businesses. He has inspired, enlightened, educated and impressed many with his ideas and passion for his work. Sam is an amazing entrepreneur and and what he has given to the business community is beyond extraordinary! I give Sam a 10+."
    Janice Feinberg - St. Louis Park, MN

  • "Sam is a change-agent, and the Hill Library helps me generate revenue - simple as that."
    Nick Ehrman - Eagan, MN

  • "The Hill library is my most reliable source of information about customers and prospects, competitors and the market in general. I use it every day."
    Jean-Robert Cole - Hopkins, MN

  • "Having online access to the Hill Library resources is a great time saver. Whether it is early in the morning, late at night or mid-day I can get the information I need now. If I get stuck I am one phone call away from expert assistance. This has expedited the process of identifying my customer base as I start a new business."
    Joe Dellaria - Woodbury, MN

  • "Sam brings to the table many tools for the entrepreneur. These tools include methods to obtain information, education seminars to broaden knowledge, obtaining/applying resource information, etc. is critical a business. These tools provided by Sam are presented in an easy to understand format, practical methods to apply knowledge obtained to maximize results and the list goes on. Great job!"
    Behrnt Eid - Golden Valley, MN

  • "Sam's role in making the Hill Library such a valuable asset for entrepreneurs makes him my #1 choice for entrepreneur of the year. What an extraordinary man he is!"
    Rieva Lesonsky - Irvine, CA

  • "To a marketing professional the Hill library provides invaluable information. I use personal marketing to advance my business and the businesses of my clients. The Hill Library provides that information and Sam Richter brings that information to my desktop to make acquiring that information so much more efficient. Thanks, Sam."
    John Comer - Plymouth, MN

  • "I'm a two-year subscriber to HillSearch, and it has been a very valuable tool to help me provide competitive intelligence and research. When I once had a concern about one of the databases included in my subscription, Sam e-mailed me and personally looked into the situation. It is no wonder the staff researchers are so committed to providing outstanding customer service - they see it modeled by their president. Sam is a great choice for this award!"
    Lori Herman - Fargo, ND

  • "Sam and the James J. Hill Library have helped my business and me tremendously. What used to take hours in the past, now takes a matter of minutes. The tools that Sam has created have helped us become more efficient and successful. Sam definitely gets my company's vote for Entrepreneur of the Year!"
    Brooks Jowett - Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • "The Hill Library knows its audience and continues to reinvent itself to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. Sam and the Hill Library are world class."
    Amy Herman - Orono, MN

  • "Sam Richter has done a tremendous job turning the Hill Library from literally a 100 year old money losing bricks and mortar to a profitable dot com and he's accomplished this with a highly values drive culture."
    Bob Schoenbaum - Minneapolis, MN

  • "Sam and the Hill Library deserve recognition for not only providing information you need, but when you need it. This is an organization that reaches out to entrepreneurs every day with a can do attitude to our requests. Plus continually offering training and ideas through the seminars and programs they organize for members. Sam is an outstanding leader who has built a world class organization at the JJ Hill Library. Sam and the Hill deserve to be the Entrepreneur of the year."
    Dean Terry - Wayzata, MN

  • "This enhanced service of the Hill Library is extraordinary. My students have gained so much more with this resource to Fasttrac. As an SBDC director I absolutely would put this resource at the "top" of my list. Thank you Sam for giving us useful tools."
    Pat Peacock - Fairfax, VA

  • "I provide "Small Business Research" to my clients, meaning I give small businesses their own "just in time" research department. Without the online tools provided by Sam Richter, I would not have been able to build my business. I don't think large corporations have access to the breadth and depth of resources that I can get to via my JJ Hill subscription. What Sam has built defies description."
    Lauren Delp - San Jose, CA

  • "The resources of the JJHill Library are fantastic. I am a small business consultant and JJHill is a resource I use on a daily basis. What's more, the customer service that they provide is second to none. Whenever I have a question I can't find an answer to, I turn to the librarians. In every instance, they have found me the information I have been looking for. They have been a great source of market research and business knowledge, both directly and indirectly, to the entrepreneurs in Mid-Michigan."
    Gordon Ferguson - Lansing, MI

  • "I am in the process of rebuilding my business of 20+ years and have been involved in the FastTrac program which has exposed me to the Hill library. It has been a wonderful tool in reviewing my current customer/vendor base and doing market research for the future. Great Job!!!"
    Bill Sharp - Orion, MI

  • "Sam and the JJ Hill team have been a key part of our start up business. We would not be where we are at today without this focused and determined staff. Congratulations on a well-deserved nomination!"
    John Zimmer - Burnsville, MN

  • "Ever since 9-11, advertising budgets have become very tight, and sometimes non-existent. The trickle-down effect of this reality makes my profession as an advertising copywriter ( even more competitive than before 9-11. If I'm going to get repeat business, my client's products and services need to sell. And in order for me to write copy that sells, I need expert-level knowledge of the customer. I like to dig inside the hearts and minds of the customer and eat and breathe what they're thinking and feeling, what they intimately cherish, and what their problems are. So if my clients can't provide me with a well-researched creative brief, I can still deliver on-brand copywriting by hopping online and using my James J. Hill Business Reference Library's HillSearch membership to research the market myself. To date, every single time I've used JJHill's online HillSearch tool, I've found the market information I needed. The one time I couldn't find relevant information, I called a JJHill Librarian who quickly researched it for me. Within minutes, the JJHill Librarian sent me an email with leads and web links that led me straight to what I couldn't find on my own. Shockingly, there are real people working in this JJHill Business Reference Library. Real-smart people who quickly and effectively answer your questions. Such a strange phenomenon. Sam Richter is the humble entrepreneurial force behind the James J. Hill Business Reference Library. The Twin Cities business scene has his empowering fingerprints showing up everywhere."
    Janet Weaver Smith - Minneapolis, MN

  • "I have met Sam personally several times and find him an absolute delight. He is so very willing to do anything to help make a project come together."
    Rich Petersen - Mason City, IA

  • "Sam's entrepreneurial mind and visionary leadership have positively transformed the Hill Library, which in turn has helped numerous businesses grow and succeed. Ten stars!"
    Matt Lee - St. Paul, MN

  • "The JJ Hill Library offers me the opportunity to serve our agency's clients by accessing information I'd most likely never have found, nor had access to. Thanks to Sam Richter (and his extremely helpful staff), I've learned to methodically search the nooks and crannies of what Sam describes as the "hidden web", and utilize the vast amount of information available via the Internet. I've come to depend on it for help in researching both small and broad topics almost every day."
    Barb Nagell - Minneapolis MN

  • "I have attended Sam's workshop on the value of research and other talks he has given. He obviously knows his stuff and he also knows and appreciates the skills and expertise of his wonderful staff at the Hill Library. I am a member and use the virtual resources frequently and occasionally work directly with the staff. This library is truly an important resource and Sam is largely responsible for the many recent service innovations. I couldn't do my job without them."
    Judy Galt - Minneapolis, MN

  • "We not only think Sam is great, but the Hill Library is indispensable. We've written about him and Hillsearch in our blogs, included him in our presentations about searching the web - and even let him buy us dinner. Our only tip is that if he's paying, find out ahead of time so you can order the most expensive thing on the menu."
    Michael Benidt - Broomfield, CO

  • "I use the Hill Research resources frequently and find the responsiveness and quality of information timely and accurate. To my knowledge there is no other center in the mid west and maybe the US that comes close to the Hill Library."
    Bob Knudsen - Red Lake Falls, MN

  • "Sam Richter knows what today's entrepreneurs need; information and training on how to research effectively. As a business consultant and an Instructor for NxLeveL, a business plan writing course, I cannot be effective without teaching the value of feasibility studies. Access to current market trends, demographics and industry specific information is critical in order to be successful in business. Sam and the JJ Hill Library are the ultimate weapon! The JJ Hill Library and all of Sam's fabulous tools continue to give me the edge that I need daily; information that sizzles and excites people to take action."
    Donna Criswell - Las Begas, NV

  • "I am always recommending the Hill site to our entrepreneurship students and consider it one of our most valuable assets while conducting the FastTrac Entrepreneurship Training Program."
    Mary Abrahams - Waco, TX

  • "I just started using the Hill resources. It is by far the best single resource that I have found for business information."
    Tim Hennum - Maple Grove, MN

  • "Sam Richter and the James J Hill Library staff have been a key resource for our companies growth in supporting our new business development. A huge thanks to Sam in getting us connected to a wealth of business information that we never had access to. From the HillSearch Tools to the Sales Training on Cold Calling, Sam's entrepreneurial innovations have helped my team to increase their sales effectiveness. I recommend Sam and the James J Hill Resource in all my consultations!! I can't wait to see Sam's picture on the cover. Keep up the excellent work!"
    Mark James Murray - President/CEO - Prime Advertising & Design, Inc. - Maple Grove, MN

  • "I recently found myself totally emerged in the Biz Info Library and, with great delight, I walked out with everything I could find on the shelves! The depth and accuracy of the information was so outstanding that I decided I would share it with the businesses I work with coast to coast. My company, The Better Business Builders, LLC., are Certified Technical Assistance Providers for the SBA's Community Express Loan Program. In that capacity we provide financing for small business owners throughout the US who cannot obtain traditional financing. Along with the loan we provide them with a year of free technical assistance in all of the major categories of business. With the wealth of information your organization provides connecting them to your materials is a NO BRAINER! As an entrepreneur who assists entrepreneurs I find myself on a quest to learn as much as I can so that I'm in position to help. I get my education from the Biz Info Library, the Biz Toolkit and Hillsearch. Thanks so much for helping me provide my clientele with your information and keep up the GREAT work!"
    James Nemley - Hempstead, NY

  • "Sam Richter takes James J. Hill's vision of giving the small business the advantage with research to the next level, the internet. He's made so many of our customers more successful and helped me prepare myself along the way with facts, information and market knowledge. His jump shot still needs work but everything else is good to go!"
    Cathy Paper - St. Paul, MN

  • The Hill Library is A-MAZE-ING!!!! It is hard to believe that the level of expertise and help that Hill provides actually can be available to small businesses. This is the real deal. Lots of organizations can learn a lot about helping small business by following the lead of the Hill Library!"
    Charles Gaiennie - Houma, LA

  • "An amazing resource from an amazing guy."
    K. Dietrich - Minneapolis, MN

  • "The Hill library has been an invaluable asset in doing the research for my business plan. I could not have done the market trends or demographics without them."
    Margie Anglen - Columbia, MO

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