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Sam Richter Reviews

Sam Richter's high-content and super-entertaining keynote presentations and interactive workshop sessions rate as some of the top programs in an organization's history. Always.

Sales and Online Reputation Expert Sam Richter

Keynote Presentation Reviews

Don't Take our Word ...

See what those who have hired Sam - and those who have attended Sam's keynote presentations, sales seminars, and business improvement workshops - have to say about the value they received:

Presentation Review Video

"You are the best speaker in our organization's history, and your competition is strong….we have had the President, sports stars, and some of the most well known speakers in the world. For you to be placed at the top…WOW! You are now one of our go-to speakers!"

Terry Moskus

Vice President

Express Employment Professionals

"After attending Sam's keynote, we immediately used his methods. It gave us a HUGE edge and lots of confidence. The result: we landed a $4 million dollar account, with more to come. I'm incredibly excited because we just scratched the surface of utilizing what we learned. What Sam shared is one of the biggest revelations I've had in my 24 years in the business."

Anthony J. Parr CFP®
Managing Director-Investments
Major Brokerage Firm (firm name available upon request)

"For the second year in a row - and you are the only speaker in our national conference's history whom we've ever booked two years in a row - all I can say is thank you! You once again "wowed" all of us with your program. Your balance of information, humor, and enthusiasm will help everyone in the room be better at what we do."
George Harrison, NMLS
Senior Vice President
U.S. Bank

"All day, I have been searching for words to describe what we were lucky enough to experience yesterday. And honestly, I’m at a loss for words because I have never experienced anything like it. There is no doubt that you are a master in your area of expertise and that the wealth of knowledge and experience you have shared with us was simply "mind-blowing". However, what impressed me the most was that you did not waste one moment talking about yourself, your achievements, your business, your titles, your awards, your clients, and your successes. Instead, you dedicated one hundred percent of your time to helping us. And fyi…New York City folks are not an easy crowd. Before you, the last standing ovation we had for our monthly program was in 2016. Forever, I’ll consider your event to be the highlight of my time serving as president."


National Association

"Sam is one of those rare speakers who provides attendees with actionable intelligence. His keynote score was 9.74! Wow!!!! The Open Bar only received an 8.2. We are in the business of meetings. We have all heard many outstanding speakers, but rarely (if ever) have I seen a speaker have a more comprehensive and consistent message impact a group of attendees."

Andy Smith
Senior Vice President-ESN

"You were fantastic...the best presenter we've ever had! You have great energy and you taught our team so much. The way you incorporated the names of our customers really personalized your keynote to our group. I cannot say enough good things."

Andrea Barrall

Directory of Marketing

Turtle & Hughes

"Sam Richter blew our members away. The way he ended his presentation ... goosebumps fell on the entire room. Sam is engaging, very professional, and we loved his presentation."

Kyle McClelland


Entrepreneurs Organization

"You were a joy to work with and our attendees loved you!! Your presentation was the #1 session of our entire conference, out of 85 speakers!"

Christine Strak, MA, CMP

Executive Director


"You exceeded all of our already high expectations! So many people were blown away by the amazing things you shared."

Brandi Huntimer
Director of Marketing and Business Development
High Point Networks

"Sam got to know us, our culture, and he truly walked in an Express Sales rep’s shoes. Your preparation was on full display and made for a tremendously impactful keynote presentation. You literally took us all on an emotional journey with your presentation style ... laughing one moment and tears in our eyes the next. Sam Richter and his programs were a HUGE hit!"
Dan Healy

Vice President
Express Employment Professionals 

"Sam's program received the highest rating of any presentation at our national conference. It was motivational, easy to listen to, and it took everyone by surprise. Sam is a superb presenter and his program is exceptionally thought-provoking and very entertaining."

Andrew Hobern
Director Business Performance
AMP Financial Services, Australia

"Your presentation was the best one of our entire convention. You are a guaranteed "home run." Our attendees received solid takeaways, and you were highly entertaining and enlightening. If you ever need a referral, please send them my way – I would love to sing your praises!"

Whitney Nelson

Director of Meetings and Events

International Association of Plastics Distribution

"Your program scored the highest of all our seminar topics, and 100% of our attendees said they walked away with ideas they could apply. I heard nothing but raves and accolades about you and your program content, including 'best presentation ever' and 'by far the best presentation in the program's history!!' You had an amazing impact on our customers."

Sandra C. Williams
Director of Dealer Training and Development
S.P. Richards Company

"It was a brilliant presentation. Instantly relevant and already generating spectacular results."

Peter Beeson


Fit Insurance, Inc.

"I’ve already heard from attendees who said that your presentation alone paid for the cost of their trip. Thanks for delivering such relevant, applicable, and entertaining content."

Barbara O’Connor
Executive Vice President

Print Services and Distribution Association


"The hour I spent in your keynote is the highest ROI I’ve ever experienced. Your command of a complex topic, mixed with your very easy-to-comprehend presentation, puts me in a position to apply what I have learned immediately. Simply outstanding!!"

Karl Heerdegen

President and CEO

The Northstar Group

"I found your presentation incredibly valuable and insightful. I was a bit skeptical as I've spent more than $20,000 on sales consultants, marketing consultants, and social media consultants resulting in absolutely no leads, let alone any sales. However, I am convinced I will get more value and results from the investment I made in today’s presentation than I have in all of my prior."

Brad Kolar
Avail Advisors

"Often I have said to speakers after our annual meeting how members came away with rave reviews, sometimes saying "it was one of the best ever."  This year we heard comments on a little higher plane-quite possibly, your presentation was THE best ever! Thank you!!!!"

Cynthia Esher
Measurement, Control & Automation Association

"You were fantastic! You totally engaged the audience, and your speaking style is top-notch. We have received many, many compliments!"

Susan E. Smith
Educational Services Executive

Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry


"Sam Richter will change the way you look at sales and prospecting."

Bruce Goldberg
Specialized Office Systems

"You were one of the best keynote speakers out of all the conferences I've attended in 16-plus years! Your ideas really fired up the industry!"

Mike Marlow
General Manager
Rutherford Weekly

"In my years in the industry, I do not recall a more positively received, more positively commented on, more potentially revenue-changing keynote presentation. You far exceeded expectations."

Rick Effer
Vice President
Morgan Stanley

"Through Sam's teachings and Know More! tools, I found inside information about a very important prospect that directly led to me landing a $400,000 commitment. Sam's program is today's success secret for anyone in business development, sales, and/or fundraising."

Joel Mandel
Executive Director
Sholom Foundation

"We have hired Sam on several occasions and every time, Sam has hit a home run. We have referred Sam to a number of other association colleagues and we always hear rave reviews and 'thanks for the recommendation.' If you are looking for a speaker/presenter who is easy to work with, will provide outstanding value, and has a wealth of experience and sales understanding, Sam is your guy!"

Liz Richards
Executive Vice President
Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA)

"Everyone was thrilled with the presentation. I have not had a speaker before with such unanimous praise. They all felt it was eye-opening and of practical use in their everyday activities."

Dudley Boden
VP of Sales & Marketing
Magnetic Analysis Corp.

"Sam's ratings were off the charts. Everyone discussed the fact that it was 'new content they never heard before,' 'worth the price of attending the meeting,' etc. Sam knocked it out of the ballpark!"

Trish Lilly
Executive Director
Fluid Power Distributors Association

"Sam was outstanding! He kept our audience on the edge of their seats, waiting to hear what was next. We laughed, we were shocked and surprised, and the reviews and ratings we received from our members were some of the highest we have ever seen."

Ellen Westin
Event Planner
North Central Business Travel Association

"Sam's attendee evaluation scores were through the roof! Not only is he a pleasure to work with, his presentations are equally entertaining and informative. My Board of Directors and attendees were using words like “mesmerized” to describe his program. A true professional with a unique message that will keep your audience on the edge of their seats!"

Lauren Dwyer
Senior Director, Professional Development
American Bankers Association

"Sam's keynote address to our conference was one of the best presentations I've heard! It was the most interesting and valuable time I've ever spent at an industry conference. Sam kept me entertained while I learned valuable concepts which I've already put into practice."

Bob Williams
Harkness Industries, Inc.

"Sam is an incredibly energetic speaker that held the attention of our audience until the very end. His message and intellect on the importance of understanding and protecting our personal and business brands was timely and compelling. True take-home value."

Jack Lewis
Mission Restaurant Supply

"Sam's sales keynote presentation really stands apart … his methods bring benefit far beyond the sales team. Everyone in our company has received great value from his teachings and everyone gave Sam exceptionally high reviews. Most important, the performance results we have seen because of Sam Richter's program have been remarkable."

Darren Ostendorf
Sales Manager
Digineer, Inc.

"Following are just a few attendee comments from our recent national conference where Sam presented his Sales Intelligence and Digital Reputations keynote presentations…
  • I have seen Sam Richter several times and would love to see him again!
  • Sam Richter was the highlight of the event.
  • Sam Richter was right on the money.
  • Sam Richter was excellent, very relevant to our electronic business going forward.
  • Bring us more Sam Richter!!
These comments were echoed many times over. As the organizer, it is always pleasing and an enormous relief when speakers hit the mark. Sam made me look good! A wonderful person to work with, humble and accommodating and generous with his time."

Verna Wing
Manager Conferences & Promotions
AMP Financial Services, Australia

"The tips and insight that Sam gave our sales team was top in class! Sam motivated us with such energy and excitement that every one of our sales professionals said Sam Richter was the highlight of our National Sales Meeting and have already asked when he can come back!"

Wendy J. Senior
Sales Manager / Design Solution Business Manager



"Want a speaker, consultant, or coach who will make a difference in the growth of your business? Call Sam! I'd put Sam in the top ten worldwide of people who 'get' how to create genuinely value-based business relationships. His incredibly rich background and quick wit make him one of the finest business presenters I know."

Betsy Buckley
Founder, CEO
What Matters LLC

"Out of all of the seminars I have attended in my 35-year career, yours was the most valuable. Thank you so much for your willingness to share this information in a concise, easy-to-understand format. You are great!"

Michael Carmella
Vice President Director of Marketing
Cramer's Home Centers

"Sam's program was not only engaging, it also provided me with numerous resources to help me navigate through our new and ever-changing world. I would highly recommend Sam for your next event."

Steven Patton
Sales Manager
Four Seasons Resorts Lana'i

"Sam did a great job. He was professional in his delivery, the timing was impeccable, and the content really hit home with our salespeople. His content was perfect, and everyone is still talking about it - the feedback has been MORE than positive."

Mike Bell
V.P. Sales and Operations
Johnstone Supply, The Ware Group

"Sam is the single smartest person in the country in what he does. His keynote presentations are positively mesmerizing. Hours become minutes. You don't want him to stop. On a scale of 1 to 10, Sam is 10+ in every regard. You would benefit enormously by learning what Sam teaches."

Gregory Hague
Attorney, Stinson Morrison Hecker, LLP
Founder, SmartsMatter

"I can't express how valuable Sam's training has been for my sales team. Of course, the seminar was loaded with crucial content, but just one technique has already doubled our incoming leads! You can't possibly put a monetary value on his sales training. Thank you Sam!!!!"

Bruce Leadbetter
360 Adventures

"I have rarely been truly blown away by a speaker. Sam Richter's presentation featured some of the most eye-opening, mind-blowing information and techniques I have ever experienced in a high-content keynote. I couldn't take notes fast enough! As they say: 'You don't know what you don't know.' Trust me. What Sam knows, you don't know. Hire him to speak for your conference! You'll be a hero."

David Avrin
Avrin Group

"Your presentation was mind-blowing! What I love most about your program is that it is relevant – something every salesperson can use.  would recommend you to any sales organization anywhere. You're amazing!"

Kathy Gunn
Business Development Director
BI Worldwide

"Sam received strong marks from our sales team because his advice is real and actionable. They also greatly appreciated how exceptionally tailored his program was to our products and the customers we sell to."

Bob Silvy
VP - Corporate Marketing
American City Business Journals

"Thank you for an absolutely fabulous presentation! I received comments from our franchisees saying that your presentation was the most eye-opening and valuable 90 minutes they have ever experienced. You were the highlight of our conference and they're still talking about you today!"

Renae L. Olafson
Founder & CEO
Touching Hearts, Inc.

"A huge THANK YOU for the great presentation to our group of presidents and CEOs. This is only the second time a speaker has received all 5's out of 5 in more than 18 years, representing more than 150 of the top speakers in the world. You were terrific! Thank you!!!!!!"

Jim Geimer
Vistage International

"I have seen Sam three times now and each time I pick up some new gems. He is a captivating speaker, very energetic, and has a powerful message. In our recent conference, we had a mix of different folks with different backgrounds – white collar and blue collar, engineers, sales, admin, etc. I got a lot of positive feedback about Sam from all of them. I would highly recommend him as a keynote speaker!"

Jason Effing, PE
Bastian Automation Engineering

With Sam’s program, there is definitely an instant ROI. Sam shares real value."

Thomas Zirbes

Regional Vice President

North Star Financial

"I have attended a number of Sam's events, both face-to-face and online. His topics are always relevant and well-delivered, catering to various audience levels. Sam is engaging, is well prepared, and his knowledge is exceptional."

Larry Ward
Distribution One

"Sam Richter sets a new gold standard for out-of-the-box yet highly relevant Sales 2.0 strategies and practices! Sam is generous in sharing his valuable lessons and sage advice. Whereas many in sales still 'take, take, take,' Sam uniquely 'gives, gives, gives!'"

Patrick Rafter
Chief ValueCaster

"Our 700+ attendees were absolutely riveted by Sam's keynote presentation, a rarity for busy CEO's and industry executives. Even better than being an engaging and entertaining speaker, Sam ensured that our attendees walked away with new strategies they could implement immediately to successfully land new customers.  We could not have asked for a better speaker!"

Emily Saving
Director of Education & Research Foundation
Heating, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI)

"Sam Richter spoke at our annual Sales Conference and the reviews from his session were the highest scores we have ever received. If you use Sam's techniques, you will get more appointments, close more business, and build better client relationships. I would highly recommend Sam!"

Jason Jordan
Regional Director
Experient Sales Network

"I want to thank you for doing such a great job at our annual conference. The feedback was awesome; you were the best we've ever had!"

Jackie Engmark, CSP
Executive Director
Minnesota Recruiting & Staffing Association

"What an incredible honor it was to have you as our keynote speaker. Our audience of multi-generations was in awe and provided individual evaluations of perfection. You far exceeded our goals and expectations. You really created a difference."

Christina Brandt
Service Ideas, Inc.

"Sam was our last speaker and I expected that many people would sneak out early (including me!) to get a jump on their weekend. It didn't happen! The room was transfixed. Thanks, Sam!"

Diane DeGray
Sponsorship Chair
SMPS Northeast Regional Conference

"I want to extend a huge thank you to Sam for his extremely valuable presentation. He did a fantastic job of explaining the importance of developing and maintaining a personal "brand" and left all of the attendees with important take-away points to put into action!"

Katelyn Gaughran
Starkey Laboratories

"Sam is funny, engaging, and smart. He has really strong energy from the stage and tons of inner confidence coupled with just enough humility to make him incredibly powerful. I highly recommend him as a Five Star speaker!"

Tom Esch
Creating Resolution, LLC

"If you want to win more sales, you have to implement and practice Sam's strategies. If your competition is using Sam's methods and you aren' very afraid!"

Ryan McVay
Systems Administrator and Training Professional

"Even the technology-phobic members of the audience realized how simple it is for them to leverage what Sam teaches in his keynote talk. His powerful examples woke everyone up to what they are missing."

Mary Poul

"Sam is the #1 expert and pioneer in obtaining unique sales intelligence to lead your business development, sales, and marketing teams to influence customers positively and rapidly! I've gained excellent knowledge from his programs!"

Lynn M. Florell
Global Sales and Marketing Director
Dane HealthCare

"As a speaker, Sam delivers! Sam's keynote presentation drew rave reviews. He delivered maximum actionable 'takeaways.' Truly... the room was a-buzz after his event. Members thanked me personally for having brought him in to speak."

Camille Benoit
Vice President of Programming
American Marketing Association

"Sam Richter is the real deal, end of story. His roadmap to success and true understanding of today's technology and how to use it is fantastic. It is a four-year degree in Google, and a Masters in life that he delivered in one morning. Sam gets my highest recommendation."

Stephen Costello
Director, Online Properties, Web Networking & E-Commerce
Steiner Sports

"It's not often that an individual coming into our office has as big of an impact on our staff as you did. Everyone from our retail group to our finance department could not stop talking about your presentation and how they could implement your techniques into their work. THANK YOU!!!"

Brandon Steiner
Steiner Sports

"Sam was just fantastic and awesome. People are still talking about him. His content was top-notch but his delivery was also amazing. He really spoke directly to our audience and our industry...he had done his research and really knew them well. He was also very approachable, which made the audience really comfortable with him and thus made all the tech stuff seem less intimidating. The pace of the presentation was perfect, and they left wanting more. Sam made me look really good!"

Michael Avery
Director of Education
National Auctioneers Association

"Sam was our keynote speaker and he hit a home run. His presentation was riveting and thought-provoking. Our members are still talking about his presentation. Sam has great information to share and he does it in a way that is easily understandable."

Derrick B. Owens
Vice President of Government Affairs
Western Telecommunications Alliance

"Our entire group was focused from the time Sam started to the time he ended. The techniques and methods he teaches are amazing and his methodologies will save you countless hours. You will be stunned. Sam's program has been invaluable in developing relationships and business activities. I highly recommend Sam."

Kent Dombal
Senior Vice President
Wells Real Estate Funds

"Sam's keynote presentation was one of the most interesting and applicable programs I have ever attended. I have already used many of the suggestions ... I truly am a better business person since I have been through Sam Richter's program!"

Mark Feeney
Business Development Manager
Purolator International

"Sam is very knowledgeable, exciting, and innovative. He took the time to understand our business and offered great insight!"

John Alfini
Business Development Manager - Medical

"Because of Sam's teachings, tools, and techniques, I now ask 'probing questions that lead to uncovering real needs. I had a prospective client recently comment that they had not had anyone come to a meeting so prepared - we earned their trust and won their work."

Jim Stelten
Partner in Charge of Client Experiences / Practice Growth

"Sam did an excellent job of presenting a great deal of information in an efficient manner without the audience feeling like we were drinking from a fire hose. His session notes download was the best I've ever seen for completeness and ease of use. I would strongly recommend Sam."

Randy Heuer
Herald Journal Publishing

"Sam's program was exceptional! An engaging speaker, he presents his subject matter in practical, understandable terms with an emphasis on action, not theory. Every professional, regardless of industry, will find incredible value in his techniques."

Liz Dunlap Hersey
Chief Marketing Officer
Skjold Parrington Business Attorneys

"Sam's seminar was the best seminar I have ever attended. He provided crucial information that has greatly assisted me in my daily work!"

David S. Cox
Director Business Development
Retail HCL Technologies Ltd.

"Sam spoke to our sales organization, and all attendees were not only engaged but furiously taking notes and asking questions. Sam brought real-world, practical ideas that had an immediate impact on the way my sales team does business. He's an incredible resource."

Jeff Griffing
Chief Revenue Office
Star Tribune Media Company 

"Rave reviews for Sam Richter. His secrets and candid reminders on how to connect with prospects and clients on a personal level are invaluable to anyone looking to boost their sales AND their morale!"

Susan Zimmerman
Board of Directors, Program Co-Chair
National Speakers Association

"Sam's keynote presentation was fantastic! He provided me with new skills that I could immediately implement. Amazing, informative, and fun."

Alan Lake
Quattro Financial Group

"Sam's presentation was very impressive and eye-opening. Our attendees all walked away with invaluable tips for finding out more about their customers and prospects to further enhance their business relationships. A first-class operation."

Gary Bynum
Manager, Marketing Operations
BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

"With 20 years in staffing, sales, and marketing, I didn't think there was much I didn't know about online information. Sam's two-hour program flew by and I learned more in that one session than my 20 years combined! Sam's knowledge and his delivery were impressive!"

Dina Simon
Managing Director
McKinley Human Resources

"Sam's keynote presentation blew me away with the amount of information disbursed in a half-day commitment. And the return on investment is tenfold. Sam's ability to pepper the program with humor and attention-grabbing detail was well received by everyone!"

Jeremy Paule
Territory Sales Manager
Curtis Restaurant Equipment

"Sam Richter's keynote presentation and workshops are a MUST for anyone who has clients or who prospects for them. Fantastic!"

Alfred L. Stratford III
Senior Vice President
Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc.

"I want to thank you for the smashing job you did presenting to our clients. As one of my executives said, 'I had solid expectations going into the meeting, but I was blown away.' Your name has been used in many meetings since then, as people give examples of what they've changed. You really are making a difference!! Thank you, thank you!"

Nancy R. Burke
Senior Vice President, Senior Consultant
Lee Hecht Harrison

"Sam's presentation to our sales staff was a huge hit! He shared a treasure trove of information that proved extremely helpful. We needed actionable information that we could put into effect immediately and Sam delivered!!"

Karen Crotchfelt
Senior Vice President
Republic Media

"Sam is extremely knowledgeable and a wonderful speaker - he ranked as the best at our national conference. Sam delivered an excellent, truly groundbreaking program. His material for generating new business and providing value is motivating, innovative, and incredibly practical."

Victoria Hamilton
Financial Planning Association

"I've attended many sales and business development presentations during my career and Sam delivers the best ROI I have experienced."

Duane Roemmich
Mercuri International
Sales and Marketing Executive International Board Member

"Sam was the keynote speaker at our annual customer conference and did a terrific job. Sam combines a message that's extremely informative, thought-provoking and humorous while keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. I would highly recommend Sam."

Wayne T. Wedell
WorkWise, Inc.

"Sam's keynote presentation made going to our national conference program totally worth it!"

Lucille C. Servidio, CHMM, TURP
Senior Vice President
Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc.

"Sam's keynote presentation elevated our annual client appreciation event to new heights. Sam weaves together his secrets with amazing real-life examples and creates suspense that can take a room from silent trepidation to outrageous laughter in the time it takes to do a Google search."

Chris Geiser
Vice President of Sales
PC Solutions, Inc.

"Sam delivered his keynote to our National Conference in Brisbane, Australia. He has an excellent style and an ability to connect with his audience. However, the real benefit of Sam's program was the way he educated us. Sam opened up an amazing source of information."

Dave Schultz (FChFP)
Encounter Financial Services Pty Ltd

"Wow!!! Having participated in numerous events like this during my career, I can honestly say this is one of the first times I have left a presentation with tangible tools and methods to immediately improve my firm's sales efforts."

Thomas D. Boogher, CPSM
Executive Vice President / CMO
Professional Service Industries, Inc. (PSI)

"I listened to your amazing, inspiring presentation twice in one day! I have attended a lot of motivational programs but none have left a mark as you have—thank you. I have not even scratched the surface and I know that this knowledge will immensely help me increase my revenue."

Anthony Wright
Financial Adviser
Pivotal Planning

"Sam Richter's keynote address lived up to its billing. What he revealed did, indeed, inform, shock, and scare many in the audience. His fast-paced programs zoomed in on the necessity of being smart in gathering intelligence."

Brushware Magazine
Review of Keynote Presentation from ABMA Annual Conference

"Sam's presentation to our sales team was a huge hit! He shared his knowledge and how to apply it within our sales practice and within our personal lives. I highly recommend everyone (even if you are not in sales) to attend one of Sam's seminars."

Lisa Carducci
Inside Sales Manager
Jacobs Engineering

"I've been to a lot of speeches and training in the past few years, and let me just say that Sam Richter's the most beneficial in content and enjoyable in presentation. Wow! Was I glad that I didn't miss it."

Dan Friedman-Shedlov
DataRat Corporation

"Sam's presentation at our annual sales meeting was very enlightening and extremely valuable. I wish that I had allowed Sam additional time beyond our 2.5 hours, as everyone was so engaged. A colleague said it best; 'we hit a home run' by selecting Sam to speak to our group!"

Ellen M. Murphy
President & CEO
Walsh & Associates, Inc.

"I wanted to say THANK YOU again for your presentation. There are occasions that are few and far between that really change the way I conduct my business. What you presented did exactly that. I was on fire when I left and could not wait to share some of what I learned. What you shared was spectacular!! It was so good, I selfishly almost wanted to keep it to myself so I could appear to be some sort of genius!"

Jack Province
General Manager
Bert-Co Industries

"Calling what I attended today a 'Training Session' is an understatement. Thank you for walking through information and techniques that no marketing or business development director I've worked with over the years has ever shared before. You offered performance-changing stuff."

Mark A. Haugen
Business and Strategic Development
Hallberg Engineering

"Sam's seminar opened my eyes to the fact that I am only using a small percentage of the information that is out there. He was enlightening and I would highly recommend Sam to all sales and marketing teams to better understand their customers and their business."

Scott Sijan
Sales Director

"I was completely captured by Sam's program. I believe that I can use something from every sentence said in order to improve my performance. What Sam shared will dramatically increase my ability to relate to and close sales. Sam could not have a bigger fan and I can't wait for more!"

Natalie Snead
Inside Sales Representative
Qualtrax, Inc.

"I had the honor and privilege of attending one of Sam's presentations. Not only is he a sensational speaker, we walked away with ideas and techniques we implemented as soon as we returned to the office with outstanding success."

Tabatha Erck
Executive Director/COO
ChiroCare of Minnesota

"I've been coming to our annual convention for nearly 40 years and Sam's keynote presentation was the best, most relevant, useful takeaway program I have ever seen."

John Carlson
Carlson Tool & Machine

"Sam was the highlight of the entire event, and he was a tough spot to fill on a Friday after a late night of festivities the evening prior! He was engaging, fast-paced, and kept the group glued to his presentation."

Arvid Povilaitis
Chief Operating Officer
Meritex Commercial Real Estate

"I want to thank you for your presentation, which was amazing! I am meeting with a prospective client this morning and found superior information through your sources after looking in vain via databases that I pay for. I know the client will be "wowed"'re a business life saver!"

Terrie S. Wheeler
MBC and Founder
Professional Services Marketing, Inc

"Sam spoke twice at our conference and surpassed our expectations. His presentations were funny and informative, and we've received dozens of attendee comments saying that his presentation alone was well worth the price of admission. The only thing we would change next time would be to give Sam a much larger room."

Suzy Feine and Lisa Hendrickson

"Sam Richter's presentation was one of the most valuable seminars I have attended in my career. His program will allow us to find and leverage knowledge to compete with companies considerably larger than us. The residual value of Sam's program is invaluable."

Kenneth M Mac Donald
M & G Materials Handling Co.

"Sam and I presented together at a conference for professionals. I was supposed to be the headliner but Sam stole the show. I found myself getting my notepad out and jotting down all the content Sam shared with his audience. He is a non-stop energy and non-stop content."

Walter Bond, NSA, CSP
Hall of Fame Speaker; National Speaker of the Year
Former NBA Star

"Sam was awesome! His session was jam-packed with tons of practical and substantive information that our attendees could use immediately. Many of our attendees walked away from his session saying: 'If only I had heard this presentation years ago!'"

Stephanie S. Reed
Senior Manager, Education
HIDA Educational Foundation (Health Industry Distributors Association)  

"When attending sessions at conferences, the best you can hope for is a bit of inspiration that gets you through a week. Well, Sam provided that and MUCH MORE! Sam's keynote presentation has changed the way I'll do business for the rest of my career."

Vicki Gieffer
Vice President of Marketing
S&T Office Products, Inc.

"After attending Sam's program, I immediately put his strategies into place. As a result, my confidence soared and the next day, I had a great meeting with a prospect and moved the sale forward. Sam's ideas are a must for any sales and marketing professional. A 10 out of 10!"

Doug Schmidt
Business Development

"Sam's presentation was fantastic. He did a great job of providing examples of how his strategies will lead to results and providing value to all the attendees. He was entertaining and had the audience laughing."

Luther Hagen, CFP®, CLU, ChFC
Hagen Financial Advantage

"The best speaker we've ever had. Sam's presentation was very impressive. I can't wait to put into place the things I learned."

Ken Rakusin
Gordon Brush

"Sam came to speak at our annual meeting and kept us riveted to our seats for the entire presentation. I was amazed at how quickly and easily we - a fairly computer-illiterate group - can now find information that helps us build relationships and sell better. Thank you!"

Kristin Draper
Draper Knitting Company

"I wanted to take thank you for the truly impactful presentation. I have been selling for 21 years and your presentation is the first time I have walked away with new and useful ideas. Awesome material, awesome presentation! Thank you!"

Kane Flora

"On a scale of 1 to 5, with five being the highest, you rated a 5.1! (No, my arithmetic is correct, someone rated you a 6.) That is the highest rating ever-and over the years, we've had dozens of top-notch speakers! The information you shared was so powerful and practical and right on target."

Marcia Fink
Vice President
St. Paul Chamber of Commerce

"I have been selling all my adult life and I feel compelled to let you know that your presentation was the most valuable information I have ever received. I have to admit that this was a humbling experience because I think I am a pretty good sales guy. You are the real deal."

Marty Wolf
Business Solutions

"Sam's presentation and content were the best I have experienced in many years of corporate life. He gave great examples and the real icing was the resources he included. My only regret is not having the benefit of Sam's resources during my 39-year sales career."

Bill Bender
Executive Director
Another Life Ministries

"Sam Richter's lessons have been a tremendous help to me professionally and personally. I use Sam's techniques everywhere and have found out wonderful and fascinating things about old and new business contacts."

Alan M Brecher, CFP, PPC
RTD Financial Advisors, Inc.

"Sam Richter is a wonderfully engaging and easily relatable speaker.  His 'real-world' advice can open doors to success for any business or individual. Sam's experience as an entrepreneur shows in his understanding of how critical it is to think and do things differently."

Scott Davis
President of Entrepreneurship Group
Owner of Ignition Point Solutions

"Your presentation was one of the most worthwhile programs I have attended. I personally would recommend anyone to take your seminar, especially those in sales, marketing, and administration. You are a great resource!"

Randy M. Blindauer
Business Development
Lindquist Machine Corporation

"I fancy myself as being savvy. But from Sam's speech, I realized how much I didn't know. It was of the best we've ever had."

Frank Kigyos

"I attended Sam's program and walked out inspired to really make my client relationships more personal. The resources shared were numerous and unknown to me previously and I've already put them to use! Incredible! Amazing!"

Tami Gallagher
Home Sown Gardens LLC


"Fantastic! One of the most interesting topics we've had, with a lot of take-home value. We started using the tips from Sam's presentation immediately and it's made us more productive. I was so impressed!"

Carlos Petzold
Borghi S.P.A./Borghi USA

"I attended the Sales Intelligence program and was completely blown away. Sam excels as a presenter, and I was riveted the entire time. He shared secrets essential for every business professional Sam stands out...he is compassionate, genuine, and truly cares about the success of others."

Michelle Stimpson
CEO and Founder

"I learned more about how to improve my business from Sam's keynote presentation than I ever had before! If you are in sales or business development, you absolutely have to see Sam speak, get his book, and visit his website. Anything less will be 'winging it!'"

Jeffrey O'Brien
Mansfield, Tanick & Cohen

"I have actually attended two of Sam's programs, and I'm struck by the amount of new information included in the second. It's clear that Sam Richter is at the leading edge of preparation for today's consultative sales process."

Brad Guck
District Manager

"Sam teaches an approach that truly gives you the competitive edge and shows your customers that you are truly interested in them. Since it's all about trust, Sam's teachings can become a major point of difference in your approach and presentations."

Joseph Baron
Strategic Healthcare Resources

"Sam is a pioneer in the emerging best practice of Sales Intelligence. In the process of sharing how to make the best use of the internet, he brings wit and insight that results in a thoroughly entertaining experience for all who attend his workshop."

Mark Morris
My-Pipeline, Inc.

"Sam's keynote presentation was perhaps the BEST program we've had. Sam is informative, funny, knowledgeable about his topic, and very well-prepared. I highly recommend him and you won't be disappointed."

Lance P. Berwald
Vice President
Coldwell Banker

"Sam presented a dynamic, engaging presentation that showed us practical ways to use the Web for strategic purposes. I highly recommend the session - it was extremely timely and effective."

Stephen M. Paskoff
President and CEO
Employment Learning Innovations, Inc.

"We hear a lot about competitive intelligence, yet what is even more important is customer- and prospect-intelligence. Since it's all about trust, and trust begins with understanding and moves through consistent execution - his teachings can become a major point of difference."

Phil Hauck
TEC / Vistage Green Bay

"I have found your information to be of great value to me in my daily pursuit of business.  I would advocate to anyone in the selling world to take your workshop."

Tom Moe
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Daily Printing

"Sam Richter gripped all of us from beginning to end. We all will be much more efficient, effective, and way more profitable!"

Gary Simon, AIA, LEED AP
Division Vice President
Jacobs Engineering

"As a business owner, I am always looking for tools to improve. Within the first couple of weeks, it has paid for itself. This is a "must have" for all business people, whether you are in sales or not. What you shared will help  in all areas of your life!"

Cheryl Barton
Roaring Creek Stone

"Sam is extremely knowledgeable, humorous, easy to work with, and a wonderful speaker. He delivered to our audience all that he promised he would in the way of content, stimulating ideas, and challenges to action. He was one of the highlights of the conference."

Rosalind Lett
Information-2-Knowledge, LLC

"Sam is engaging, easy to understand, and provided many 'a-ha!' moments for the group with real-life demonstrations of his techniques. His tips enhance the power of the Web 100 fold and I would highly recommend him."

Bill Seymour,
Senior Vice President

"Your presentation was thoroughly engaging and held the attention of everyone in the room. The most telling indication of your success was in the number of references made over the next three days of the meeting. You received universally great comments, including a review of 'priceless.'"

Margaret J. Hart

"Sam presented to our association of accounting firms, and he blew our members away with an impressive amount of useful information in an engaging and humorous way. I'd recommend Sam as a presenter for any audience."

Laura Sparks
Manager of Marketing Services
PFK North American Network

"Sam offered the most valuable take-away information presented at our entire conference. He gave us simple tools and ideas that will transform my job. I cannot help but share what I learned with everyone I meet. Thank you Sam!"

Kara Gruss
JCJ Architecture

"Your presentation was spot-on for my team! You gave them some excellent tools that they can use in the job today and your examples really hit home on the importance of being relevant and making warm calls. Thank you!"

Scott Severson

"Working in the financial industry, I now see opportunities that were never noticed before. I hesitate to share Sam's program because I feel I now have a great competitive edge. This is unparalleled. What Sam teaches is fundamentally mandatory for success in today's business world."

Doug Goodmundson
Ameriprise Financial Services

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