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As one of the world's foremost experts on sales and business success through better information, award-winning motivational keynote speaker, bestselling author, and technology entrepreneur Sam Richter shares his thoughts, ideas, and secrets regarding online data (along with other musings).

Discover why Successful Meetings magazine considers sales and business keynote speaker, Sam Richter, one of top rated presentations for association conferences worldwide.

In sales, the bar is often so low that to succeed doesn't take too much. Here's an inside secret that when implemented, will differentiate you from many other sales people.

What if tech and social media companies combined resources and mined digital data to predict - and thus stop - the next school shooting? What are the risks to liberty and privacy, and how less controversial would it be versus gun control and other legislation?

Sales is all about hard work. But sometimes that next great opportunity is right in front of you. Take the time to look. Go with the flow.

Use LinkedIn's powerful search features to find prospects and clients in cities where their sports team is involved in a big game.

Online documents are typically stored in a logical format of folders within folders. These folders are represented by slashes within a Web address. Learn how to search within a URL to discover amazing - and often hidden - results.

People will search for information on you. And in the digital world, it's easy to craft a personal brand and promote yourself online. Just make sure you're careful what you say. Because it's also easy to see if you're telling the truth.

In this test, we spent time on social media connecting with prospects, and then an equal amount of time making sales calls. Guess which method led to more closed deals? And more important, why?

YouGotBlogs is a powerful search engine that makes it easy to find blogs related to a specific topic and/or words and phrases within blog posts. Quickly search company blogs and posts written by industry experts to get the inside information related to trends, issues, and more.

You can craft a future sales pipeline by "mining" job postings. Find companies that are hiring executives (trigger event). Find companies with a need for your product. And then automate the entire process.

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