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Our Promise 

Our Promise to Event Planners

We know that putting on an event is challenging and stressful and that hiring the right speaker is a big reflection on you. So here's our promise...

  • We will be easy to work with, flexible, and fun. We will over-communicate, make ourselves available, and do whatever it takes to ensure your program is one of your highest rated ever. 

  • We will do our homework. We will know your attendees, their business, and your industry.

  • We will customize your presentation so all in attendance feel like we're speaking directly to them, helping them solve real issues.

  • We will provide exceptional value. Your attendees will leave with practical ideas that they can immediately implement. 

  • We will entertain and motivate. We're more than high-content. Your attendees will laugh, maybe even cry, and most important, we'll inspire each person to change the way they run their online life and offline business.

Eliminating Event Planner Risk

You'll get a lot of praise for hiring a great speaker.
You'll get fired for hiring a bad speaker.


A year from now, your attendees...

  • May remember your program venue.

  • Probably recall the evening's entertainment.

  • Won't have a clue what you served for dessert.

Yet everyone will remember the speaker.

When you hire Sam Richter, you eliminate the risk. In thousands of presentations around the globe, Sam consistently rates as the conference's top speaker and often rates the best speaker in an organization's history. In addition, Sam is a member of the National Speakers Hall of Fame and a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) committed and bound to the highest degree of ethics and professionalism.


That's Sam's commitment to you. Guaranteed. 

Don't take our word for it:

  • See the clients who have hired Sam.

Hire Sam and make your next event the best, and most valuable one, ever.

Your Highest Rated Keynote Presentation - It's Our Promise

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