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Professional Intel Service

Sometimes You Need a Lot More Than Google

While we teach how to find information in ways most never thought possible, sometimes what you need just can't be found online. Or sometimes, it's just too important to leave to a Google search. Sometimes, you need a pro who can...

  • Generate a highly-defined sales lead list

  • Create a detailed Intel Profile on a key contact

  • Research a competitor and/or new markets

  • Conduct due-diligence prior to a buy/sell

  • Discover with an in-depth background check

  • Investigate internal or external fraud

  • Facilitate an adoption reunion

Pro Intel Offerings

Our team of Professional Intelligence Experts range from big data experts to some of the world's leading private investigators. Our work is highly confidential, and each project is unique. The types of projects we work on generally fall into one of the following categories:


A Sales Intelligence Profile provides detailed information on a person and his/her company, the individual's work and education, family, hobbies, political and religious affiliation, donations and  volunteer work, company sales and employee figures, key competitors, company executives and decisions makers, current news, and more. Download a Sample Profile.


The most valuable information you seek is often not online; it’s in a clerk’s office in Sacramento, an archived dissertation at Syracuse, or known by a street vendor in Shanghai. The next time you’re vexed about prospects, clients, or competitors rely on our Corporate Intel service to provide you with the relevant information you need to make the best decisions possible.

PRIVATE Investigation

Sometimes two plus two doesn't add up to four. Clients employees, business partners and financial partners are all human and people make mistakes or worse, people do commit fraud. Our partner team of internationally recognized experts on Asset Investigations, Forensic Accounting, Fraud Investigation, Surveillance Services, Cyber Security and more will get you the real story.


Build a lead list of businesspeople by company, location, industry, job title, seniority, revenue size, employee size, and more. Your list will go through a first-level verification process and include name, company, job title, location, LinkedIn profile, website, and email addresses with verification scores and secondary options. Learn more and subscribe at


Are you making an important hire? Maybe looking to add a new board member? Are you entering into a business partnership? You cannot leave important personnel decisions to chance, or the "cheap" checks offered by some online firms. Let our Background Check services verify the information candidates have provided you, and discover information they may not have shared.


Did you place a child for adoption? Were you adopted yourself? Finding a child or a birth parent is sometimes as easy as creating a profile with an adoption registry. Other times, however, the process is more complex. Depending on the information you have, it's possible that our team of expert investigators can find a lost loved one, and help facilitate a reunion. Listen to one of our success stories.

See if One of Our Intel Professionals Can Help

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