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Dedicated to Ensuring Your Conference is a HUGE Hit

Pre-Conference Checklist

We'll do everything we can to guarantee that your event has maximum attendance. Here are some ways in which we can help:

Program Options and Add-Ons:

Select a Program: Choose from our #1 rated, customized, keynote and workshop programs.

Set a Program Budget: We have different options to fit your budget. View our Packages 

Attendee Value-Add: Provide your attendees with post-program implementation resources as an incredible value for attending your conference. Custom-brand your resources with your, or a sponsors, information and logo. Learn more.

Program Recordings: Your attendees will ask for a recording of Sam's program. Provide it to them on your site or with a custom Intel Engine or High Profit Sales Coaching package.

Pre-Conference Marketing (we want to help):

Images: Download a hi-res image for your event marketing material. Visit the Media Center.

Video Commercial: We'll create a brief video about our program to promote your conference.

Articles: We can customize an article for use in your newsletter and conference marketing.

Social Media: Send us your posts and Tweets and we'll share them across all channels.

Event Day Checklist

Our goal is to make sure that your conference is the highest rated. Ever. Here are some day-of suggestions and ideas to make that a reality.

Setting Up for Sam's Program

Introduction: Use the provided introduction. Make sure it is rehearsed. Download Sam's Intro.

Projector: Sam's program is highly visual. A bright and powerful projector with an HDMI cable is mandatory. For large and/or odd-shaped rooms use multiple projectors.

Screen: Use a very large screen, and/or multiple screens. It's important that all have a great view.

Microphone: A clip on lavaliere or an over-the-ear-microphone is required. No hand-held.

Audio: There is embedded audio so have an audio out from the PC into the room sound.

Stage Set-Up: Keep the stage empty. Sam will walk around and no podium is preferred.

Computer: Sam prefers to use his own PC (HDMI for video and headphone port for audio). If you prefer to use your computer, that is fine too. Make sure there are long-range slide clickers (one for use, one for backup).

Set Up Tip Sheet: Use this helpful tip sheet to ensure a great event. View / Download Tips.

Hire Sam to Speak at Your Next Event.

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