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Secret Technique to Find Online Information - Search Within a Web Address

When trying to locate online information using Google, you probably spend your time thinking of the best combination of words and phrases to enter into the search form. Instead, consider searching for words and phrases based on how the information might be organized.

When saving a document on your computer, you most likely use a logical format. You save a document in a folder, which is in another folder, which is in another folder. When it comes to locating the document, knowing the folder names can often be much more beneficial than knowing the words within the actual document.

Websites are build the same way. The folders are represented by the slashes, or /... / within a website address. You can get some great results by knowing how to search within the web address, or URL. The following video describes how to search within a URL, and the types of results you might expect to find.

When you're done watching, CLICK HERE to see a sample inurl: search.

Author: Sam Richter, CSP, CPAE National Speaker Hall of Fame | Top 50 Sales Keynote Presenters | Bestselling Author


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