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Take the Cold Book Bonuses

Download the Updated Intel Reference Guide

FREE bonus for "Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling" readers!

Access the link inside the Engine


Download the Know Reference Guide and access the updated "instruction manual" on all of the tips and resources shared in Sam's book.

FREE 7-Day Trial to the Intel Engine. Find the Right Opportunities, Right Now.

To win in business and sales, you must do your homework. Yet you most likely waste hours searching Google and social media. STOP IT! 

  • Cut your information gathering time to seconds.

  • Find the right decision maker, at a time when he/she is interested in hearing your message.

  • Discover new opportunities, research competitors and markets, and ensure relevant value in every business meeting and sales call.

NO Credit Card Required

Give the Intel Engine a try. At the end of your trial, if you'd like to join, visit to find the right industry-specific Engine for you!

Enterprise licenses, white-label branded, re-seller, and custom search options available. Contact us to see what's right for your organization. 

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