Guaranteed to WOW!

Through real-world examples, humor, and via his unique interactive and fast-paced manner, Sam shares the inside secrets about online information, how to find it in ways most never thought possible, and how to apply it to identify new opportunities, craft a digital reputation, build valuable relationships, and win more business.

Sam's keynote presentations and breakout workshops will rate as one of the highest-content, most take-home-value programs your event attendees have ever experienced - Guaranteed!

The new rules of business are very simple: to win, you not only have to be "interesting," you also have to be genuinely "interested." To win, you not only have to be "found," you also need to control what the other person "finds."


Considered one of the world's foremost expert on sales intelligence and digital reputation management, bestselling author Sam Richter delivers his #1 rated, incredibly dynamic, highly entertaining, and extremely high-content keynote presentations and workshop sessions to audiences worldwide.

Through real-world examples (completely customized to the audience and when appropriate, actually using the audience), humor, and via his unique super high-energy and fast-paced manner, Sam Richter guides audiences through the world of online information, how to find and control it in ways most never thought possible, and how to use it to win in business, and in life.  


You Don't Know What You Don't Know!

The secret to business success isn't really a secret because it's the same today as it has been for hundreds of years. Understand what your customers care about and ensure your conversations are relevant and you'll make an amazing first impression, differentiate from the competition, provide long-term value, generate more referrals, gain an edge in negotiations, and bottom line, you'll make a lot more money.

Let Sam show your organization how to find information quickly - the first time - using the tools your team already uses every day. Put the "R" - relationships - back into your CRM system. He'll share how to leverage information to build meaningful, value-based, relevant, and authentic relationships by using the impersonal Web to re-personalize sales and marketing efforts, differentiate from the competition, and bottom line, win more business.

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