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Can Virtual Presentations Have the Energy, Entertainment, and Learning Value of In-Person?

Yes. Online Programs Can Deliver "Amazing!"

Virtual programs for any business audience, of any technical ability.​​


  • Save an incredible amount of time, and get the right information, right now.

  • Discover how to grow sales and generate revenue in any economic environment.

  • Identify decision makers who want to hear your company's message, right now.

  • Ensure relevancy in every business meeting and differentiate from the competition.

  • Craft and manage your digital reputation and ensure you control the message.

Inspire. Entertain. Motivate. Learn. 

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How Can You Make a Virtual Program an Exceptional Experience?

Stop looking up speaker noses or being bored with bullet-point filled PowerPoint slides. A powerful Virtual Program features:

  • A high-energy speaker with expertise in movement and voice intonation within a confined space. 

  • Visually immersive backgrounds and slides, combining images and video that support the content. 

  • A multi-camera production facility featuring varied settings and visuals timed for maximum impact. 

  • High-definition video and audio, both live and for recordings, for an HD-quality, movie-like experience.

  • Complete content and visual customization ensuring relevance for all attendees.

Yes... done right, a virtual program can come close to replicating an in-person keynote experience. Done right, a virtual program can even be better.

What Can You Expect Working With Sam?

Sam is a member of the National Speakers Hall of Fame, meaning when you hire Sam you have no worries and no risk - it's guaranteed to be an incredible program. In addition, for 30+ years, Sam has produced award-winning video content and for 15+ years, conducted top-rated virtual programs. Add Sam to your virtual event team and you can expect:

  • A partner who deeply cares about exceeding your attendees expectations on what a virtual program can be.

  • A commitment to quality. Whichever you prefer, Sam will present live or pre-record his program. 

  • No drama ... conducting a virtual program is stressful enough. You can count on Sam to do what it takes.

  • An easy-to-work-with team member who understands technology so your program goes off without a glitch.

  • Incredible value that transcends beyond the presentation ensuring your attendees experience immediate results.

When you work with Sam, you're working with a someone committed to ensuring your best program, ever. See what other's say about Sam and his impact.

Why is a Sam Richter Program Different?

There are great speakers who can deliver an exceptional virtual program. There are very few who deliver this much value. Sam's virtual program package options include:

  • Live virtual program or recorded programs (to eliminate technical risk). On recorded programs Sam attends live.

  • Value-Add Bonus page featuring a high-definition program recording for 24/7/365 viewing plus instant access to the resources shared during Sam's presentation. 

  • Reference Guide or eBook featuring the step-by-step instructions on implementing what Sam teaches.

  • Sales Intel Engine access for all attendees making it easy (and fun) to implement what is shared, ensuring incredible ROI and immediate business results.

  • Guidebooks, eBooks, and Intel Engines can be customized featuring your or a sponsor's brand, and even customized featuring content resources specific to your attendees. 

The learning and implementation does not end when the camera turns off. Ensure your attendees get actionable ideas and resources that will immediately impact their business.

Top Ten Reasons to Hire Sam for Your Virtual Program

10. Experience

Sam has been presenting virtually for 15+ year to organizations of all sizes, with attendees of all ages and technical abilities.

9. Makes the Complex Simple

Through compelling visuals and examples, Sam shows how to implement his strategies in ways that are easy to understand.

8. Incredible Stories

Your attendees will virtual laugh and maybe even virtual cry ... Sam is a master storyteller, with timing practiced to perfection. 

7. Visually Immersive

Sam's virtual programs are filed with stunning images and videos. Your attendees will not be looking at their emails during Sam's sessions.

6. Super Funny and Entertaining

Sam has a dry sense of humor, sometimes corny yet always on topic. Your audience is guaranteed to be laughing out loud.

5. Easy to Work With

In the virtual world especially, things happen. Sam stays calm, adapts on the fly, understand technology and finds solutions. No drama.

4. Valuable, Use-Them-Now Resources

Beyond an incredible virtual presentation, Sam provides your attendees with take-home guides and a slew of online resources.

3. Complete Customization

Sam will get to know you and your virtual attendees and their industries and customize his program so it impacts everyone.

2. Incredible Take-Home Value

Attendees will take what they learn and immediately implement it to grow their business, sales, and online lives.

1. Jaw-Dropping Virtual Programs

What Sam shares your virtual attendees won't know, and they'll be shocked with what they can do with their new-found knowledge.

Sam Richter Virtual Program Options

Sam Richter offers numerous virtual options to fit your presentation needs. Contact Sam to discuss...

- Virtual Sales Keynotes

- Virtual Business Meetings, Workshops, and Training

- Virtual Speech About Business or Sales

- Online Sales Training

- Virtual Workshop on Building Relationships

- Virtual Training on Prospecting in a New World

- Online Workshop for Sales and Business Leaders

- Virtual Business Seminar

-Online Presentation on How to Grow a Business

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Super High Energy

"Sam motivated us with such energy and excitement that every one of our sales professionals said he the highlight of our National Sales Meeting! It was incredible to watch Sam work and to learn from him!" Wendy J. Senior National Sales Manager 3M