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Is Sales a Noble Profession?

Being a Good Salesperson is One of the World's Most Noble Professions

I too often hear from people: "I would never want to be in sales... all a salesperson does is try to convince you to buy stuff that you would normally never buy."

(Usually the word "stuff" is replaced by other words that I don't want to include in a family-friendly blog.)

So how do I respond to any variation of the question: "Is sales a noble profession?"

YES!!!!! Why? Because a good salesperson understands that the job isn't about creating a sale.

Rather, a good salesperson understands that the job is about creating buyers.

Helping others achieve what they might otherwise not be able to achieve without your assistance – or helping others achieve what they don't know that they can yet achieve – there are very few other professions that have such noble outcomes.

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Author: Sam Richter, CSP, CPAE National Speaker Hall of Fame | Top 50 Sales Keynote Presenters | Bestselling Author


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