The Evolution of Sales

Web Search Secrets to Find The Right Leads, At the Right Time, With the Right Message

It's amazing that in today's information world, the key metric that many organizations still use to judge sales activity is the number of calls made. Sure, you can open up the phone book or purchase a lead list and start with "A" and end with "Z" and mathematically, someone will buy. Or, you can leverage Sales Intelligence to locate the right prospects, at the right time, with the right message and dramatically decrease close times, and increase margins. In this dynamic program, you will discover...

How to generate opportunities using sales trigger events and powerful introductions, so you're calling on the prospects who most likely need your product or solution, right now. 


How to use search engines, social media, and the Invisible Web as powerful sales and competitive "intelligence agents," ensuring you align your value proposition to what prospects care about.

How to leverage information to make a great impression, ensure relevancy, gain permission to ask challenging questions, and provide ongoing value to both prospects and clients.

How information truly is power, allowing you to get past gate keepers, clearly differentiate from the competition, negotiate on value instead of price, and bottom line: win more business.

This new way of thinking - this Sales Evolution - will completely change the way you find and call on new opportunities. And it's proven to work in any economic environment. This high energy, motivating, jaw-dropping, incredibly high content presentation delivers practical, proven strategies and tactics organizations can immediately implement to dramatically improve sales performance. 

Evolution of Sales II (Advanced Workshop)

Advanced Sales Intel Secrets to Know Even More About Industries, Companies, and People

In the Evolution of Sales Part I, you learned web search secrets that you can use every day to find information on prospects and clients. In this perfect workshop complement you’ll learn the inside techniques that many professional intelligence experts don’t even know including…

Advanced search algorithms for finding existing lead lists, membership directories, competitor proposals, price lists, past and current RFPs, and more.


Hidden websites and tools that reveal inside information - in legal and ethical ways - that can even help you discover and create a pipeline of leads before the leads even exist.


Proven methods – both free and premium – to help your organization create and distribute value-added information increasing your credibility and value.

When you know more about your prospects and clients, their issues, their goals, their industries, and their (and your) competitors, you gain the edge in every sales call, every meeting, every proposal, and every negotiation – every time.

You'll Be Amazed At What You Can Find!

Appropriate Audience

Sales Professionals | Business Owners | Inside Sales Teams | Outside Sales Teams

Appropriate for any age and technical ability. Program will be completely customized to fit the audience and use the attendees' real-world prospects and clients to ensure relevancy.

Recommended Time Frame

- 60 to 90 minutes for a keynote program

- Three to five hours for a workshop or training

Suggested Value-Adds

- Know More Reference Guides (included)

- Sales Intel Engine subscriptions

- Hosted Program Videos

- Custom Intel Engine (brand and content)

- Autographed Sales Intel books

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