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  • #1 Rated Book The top-selling and award-winning Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling book will help you find more prospects, close more deals, and provide more client value.
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Presentations Guaranteed to Wow!

Ranked as America's #1 High-Content, Take-Home-Value Presenter!

The Internet has RADICALLY CHANGED the way that people buy and sell. Buyers have more information than ever, and they don't have time to waste in data gathering meetings. Yet while buying behavior has changed, people still sell pretty much the same way they have for the past 50 years.  THAT'S CRAZY!!!

If your sales and marketing teams aren't taking advantage of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others as intelligence gathering tools; if you're not using the secret search tricks that Google and other websites provide to learn more about prospects, clients, and competitors - THEN YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON BIG TIME BUSINESS.

Considered one of THE world's foremost Sales Intelligence thought leaders, Sam Richter takes something everyone intuitively knows - Knowledge Is Power! - and turns it into reality. Every sales training program and book teaches the value of knowing what's important to the other person and connecting on a personal level. But no one tells you HOW to do it. Until now!

Through real-world examples, humor, success stories (and some failures), and via his unique interactive and fast-paced manner, Sam will guide you through the world of online information, how to find it and how to apply it to build meaningful prospect and client relationships. His programs will WOW! you and your attendees, and he's guaranteed to be one of the most high-content, take-home-value presenters your organization has ever had.

What Sam teaches is RELEVANCE ACCELERATION -- how to tell your company's story in a manner that your buyer cares about and wants to hear. Sam's completely customized programs will shock you, sometimes scare you, and always provide you new and innovative ways to find new prospects, connect with people, and build powerful and meaningful business relationships.

Know More! Than You Ever Thought You Could (or even should)
About Prospects, Clients, and the Competition.

In many companies, knowing how to use search engines and online sources is critical to business success. Yet, virtually no one in business has ever been formally trained on how to find and use information. Think about it ...you're basing the future of your career and business on knowing how to quickly find the right information, yet the extent of your training on how to practice this critical skill is "winging it!"

In Know More! you'll discover astonishing Sales Intelligence Web Search Secrets you can use to find more great prospect and ensure you're more prepared for every sales meeting, every client call, every business interaction, EVERY TIME.

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Win Twice as Much Business as Your Competitor!
Sales, Marketing, and Relationship Intelligence is THE key to successful business development and account management in any economic environment. In fact, studies show that when you practice what Sam teaches, that you will win twice the business of your competition who "wings it." In your customized Know More! program, you will learn amazing techniques to:

  • Find highly qualified leads and identify new business opportunities.
  • Understand your prospects and clients, so you have a competitive edge.
  • Create sales presentations that address your prospects' challenges.
  • Become astonishingly well-informed about your clients' wants, needs and plans.
  • Create more opportunities with prospects, and get an advantage in negotiations.
  • Be better prepared to present, sell, and close more deals...than anyone!

womanFrom hidden Google search tips to the massive Invisible Web to getting free access to expensive database, you'll learn how to find information the competition doesn't know about. You'll be amazed at what can be found!

You'll know to find free sales lead generation lists, how to conduct effective sales prospecting, how to get the inside company information, industry data, and people search information you need to close more deals. You'll learn how to find competitor proposals, high-end research reports, and more. After the session, you'll also know, how to ethically and effectively use information to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with prospects and clients.

Every attendee will also receive access to the acclaimed Know More! Reference Guide and Warm Call Center, (a $250+ value) featuring resources that make practicing what Sam teaches fast, easy, and fun!

Know More! is unlike any other program you've attended. Most programs teach theory. Know More! is a fast-paced, interactive, highly practical sales course that is the perfect complement to any sales training program and process. In fact, it's the "missing link" that will make any previous and future sales training 10x more powerful.

NOTE: Presentations and titles can be customized for different audiences (e.g. "Put the Relate Back Into Relationships" for service professionals; "Put the Develop Back Into Development" for non-profits; "Is Your Assistant Some Yahoo Named Google" or "How to Be an Online Spy" for marketing and general business audiences, etc.).