Is Your Business Consultant Some Yahoo Named Google?

Online Search Secrets to Help You Grow Your Business (and Save You a Ton of Time!)

Did you know that on average, each person in your office with Internet access spends more than two hours each day looking for business information? At an opportunity cost of $50 per hour, that's almost $20,000 per year per employee wasted. How valuable would it be if you could cut your searching time in half? How much better would your plans and strategies be if you had the right information, the first time, every time? In this dynamic presentation, you will discover…

Web search secrets that you never thought possible for finding industry information, company data, market opportunities, and even details about individuals.

How to use search engines in ways that 99% of the planet has no clue how to do - tips and tricks that will even work while searching for emails and files on your computer.

The "Invisible Web" – the 95% of the business Internet not easily found via search engines that holds a wealth of incredible information including free access to expensive subscription databases.

Techniques for using online information to build strong business relationships, have the upper hand in negotiations, generate powerful introductions, and grow your business.

Whether you're someone with advanced computer skills or someone who is intimidated by technology, you will be shocked (and maybe even a bit scared) at what's available online, and how easy it is to access. This incredibly high-energy, visually immersive, featuring super-entertaining stories and examples has immediate take-home value and is certain to be the talk of any conference or meeting. 

You'll Be Shocked at What You Don't Know!

Appropriate Audience

"C" Suite Executives | Sales Professionals | Business Owners | Sales and Marketing Leaders

Appropriate for any age and technical ability. Program will be completely customized to fit the audience and use the attendees' real-world prospects and clients to ensure relevancy.

Recommended Time Frame

- 60 to 120 minutes for a keynote program

- Two to three hours for a workshop

Take-Home Bonus Program

- HD Recording of the Program

- Custom Intel Engine

- Know More Reference Guide

- Ongoing Engine Training

- Learn More about the Bonus Program

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