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You Just "Friended" a Thief 

Simple Ways to Protect Your Data, Your Client's Data, and Ultimately Your Business

It's amazing the amount of information available about people and companies that can be found online and in an office. Unfortunately, what you share in a digital format and on paper can, and oftentimes will, be used against you. It's shocking how vulnerable we all are to Personal Identity Theft and Business Identity Theft - in ways you might not think about. In this jaw-dropping presentation, you will discover…

How to find the information that is available about you, your family, and your business that others have shared in a digital format, and what you can do to protect yourself. 

How the seemingly innocent information that you post online could be providing thieves with an open door into your bank account. 


How the biggest risk to your and your client's data is probably not an online hacker. Rather, it's most likely sitting in your office right now. 

Easy-to-implement, non-technical ways to protect yourself, your family, and your business from identity theft.

This eye-opening, high-energy, entertaining program features actual attendees as examples (in positive ways) and will have your audience talking, thinking, and thanking themselves (and you!) that they attended the conference. 

Attendees receive custom Intel Resources making it easy to implement what was learned.

You'll Be Stunned At What Can Happen!

Appropriate Audience

Professional Advisors | Executives | Business Owners | Spousal Retreats | General Public

A perfect pair with one of the other Sam Richter keynote / workshop programs.


Appropriate for any age and technical ability. Program will be completely customized to fit the audience and - if appropriate and with permission - use members of the audience as examples (nothing embarrassing shown).

Recommended Time Frame

- 45 to 90 minutes for a keynote program

- One to two hours for a workshop

Post-Program Implementation

- YouGotIntel Online Intel Tools (included)

- Downloadable Reference Guide - (included)

- Success Tips Video Series (included)

- HD Program Recording (virtual sessions)

- Learn More about Post-Program Options

Hire Sam to Speak at Your Next Event.

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